bet365 Fantasy Bonus Code 2023

bet365 Fantasy, the latest venture of the mega-popular iGaming brand, is coming soon to a state near you. If you’re looking for a new, exciting DFS experience, bet365 Fantasy promises to deliver on all counts. While we don’t have a bet365 Fantasy bonus code yet, we do have some tidbits of information about the upcoming platform that we’ll delve into below. Let’s break down the details and preview everything we know about bet365 Fantasy sports.

bet365 Fantasy bonus code and new player offer

bet365 Fantasy Bonus Code Information
bet365 Fantasy Bonus CodeComing Soon
bet365 Fantasy Launch DateTBD - Stay Tuned
bet365 Fantasy Legal StatesTBD - Stay Tuned

While much about the bet365 fantasy launch is still shrouded in mystery, we won’t even begin to speculate about what their new player offer will be. It could be anything from contest tickets, to a bet365 fantasy deposit match bonus, to something we’ve never even imagined. Once the brand’s plans for launch are cemented, we’ll bring you the full details and the necessary bet365 bonus code to claim the offer.

bet365 Fantasy launch information

First things first, when do we expect that bet365 Fantasy will make its grand entrance to the US fantasy sports market? Sadly we don’t have a concrete idea yet, but we’re keeping our hopes up for a Q4 2023 launch, or potentially Q1 2024.

bet365 Fantasy has existed in other gaming markets, specifically in Europe, for years, and have stated their intentions to bring the product to the United States sooner rather than later. As soon as we have additional information we’ll bring it to you right here.

bet365 Fantasy salary cap games

bet365 Fantasy has made inroads in European markets by offering salary cap based fantasy sports contests. This will be a very familiar format to Americans who have grown accustomed to playing on sites like FanDuel or DraftKings, as it is the style of play that they predominantly use.

With a DFS salary cap contest you are given a set budget to build a lineup, and each player you can choose from is assigned a value. The size of the salary cap, and the number of players you need to select will depend on the style and format of the contest, but at the end of the day participants will need to field a team comprised of players whose combined salaries falls below the cap. From there? Whoever scores the most points wins. bet365 Fantasy seems likely to rely on salary cap based games based on some of their more popular offerings in other countries.

bet365 Fantasy Premier League

bet365‘s most popular offering in European markets is their Fantasy Premier League product that operates as a salary cap dfs game. In it participants are asked to assemble a starting 11 for the current matchweek, working off of a fictional £100m budget. Each player, depending on their assessed ability to score points, has been given a price – so you can’t simply pick the best plays otherwise you’ll run out of money.

bet365 fantasy
bet365’s Fantasy Premier League competition in the UK.

It stands to reason that bet365 Fantasy could excel at expanding this model to popular American sports like the NFL, NBA, MLB, or even as a direct port to the Messi-lead surge in interest in MLS.

bet365 Fantasy props and pick’em games

Prop games are surging in popularity right now within the Daily Fantasy Sports space. There are a variety of ways you can format the games, but generally speaking participants are simply tasked with picking whether specific player props go higher or lower. Pretty simple, right?

Will Patrick Mahomes throw for more than 270.5 passing yards? Will Joe Mixon eclipse 65 rushing yards? Will Trevor Lawrence score more than 17.5 fantasy points? Each prop leaves the user to make a binary choice… will the result be higher or lower than the posted total?

Now, due to US laws, DFS platforms are required to have users submit tickets with at least two separate picks on them, one-off selections aren’t allowed because that steers the product dangerously close to betting on sports.

bet365 Fantasy prop games would be a massively popular addition to their DFS platform as it gives users in a variety of states new ways to interact with their favorite sports and events. While it is NOT the same as legal sports betting, prop games create a different style of sweat to standard DFS contests.

bet365 Fantasy prop payouts

Existing DFS platforms in the United States that offer prop/pick’em games typically do so with a pretty standard payout model. Should bet365 Fantasy elect to follow suit, we imagine it will be quite similar:

  • Two-Prop Ticket: Pays 3x your stake. Example, you pick two separate props and choose to enter a $10 stake. If you hit both, you win $30 (3x) the entry.
  • Three-Prop Ticket: Pays 6x your stake. For example, you pick three separate props and select $10 as your desired amount. If you are correct on all three stakes, bet365 Fantasy would bay $60 (6x) the entry.
  • Four-Prop Ticket: Pays 10x your stake. If you go a perfect four for four you can 10x your initial entry fee.
  • Five-Prop Ticket: Pays a whopping 20x your stake. The biggest risk, but by far the biggest reward comes with building, and hitting, a ticket with five separate props.

While we still don’t know if bet365 will even offer prop-like games, if they do, we expect the payouts to work similarly as.

bet365 Fantasy partners with Scout Gaming

In July 2023 bet365 Fantasy announced an important partnership with Scout Gaming to facilitate its DFS contests in Europe, particularly bet365’s Fantasy Premier League which was free to play. Scout Gaming came pre-loaded with a ready-made fantasy product that was ready to handle the demands of contests serving multiple countries.

While we don’t know if bet365 Fantasy will ultimately use Scout Gaming Group’s tech when they expand to the United States, the experience has undoubtedly prepped the brand for a smoother entry to the American market.

bet365 Fantasy to offer contests for major sports

In entering the United States market, bet365 Fantasy will offer DFS games for all of the most popular American sports. This includes:

  • NFL Football
  • NCAA Football
  • NBA Basketball
  • NCAA Basketball
  • Major League Baseball
  • Soccer
  • UFC / MMA
  • NASCAR / F1 / Motor Racing
  • League of Legends / eSports
  • Golf / PGA / LIV

bet365 Fantasy FAQ

What is the bet365 Fantasy bonus code?

Stay tuned! We don’t have a bet365 Fantasy bonus code yet as the Daily Fantasy app has no yet launched. Once the bet365 Fantasy app is live and running contests, we’ll have the top bet365 Fantasy bonus code for you right here.

What states is bet365 Fantasy legal in?

We’re still waiting for a complete list, but we anticipate that bet365 Fantasy sports will be available in all states that are currently legal for DFS play. This includes states like: Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Once its available, we’ll bring you a confirmed list of legal states.

Does bet365 Fantasy offer props?

At this time it is unconfirmed if bet365 Fantasy will offer prop or pick’em games. We’ll update accordingly once we have a full list of their game options.

bet365 Fantasy deposit and withdrawal

bet365 Fantasy will make deposits and withdrawals a breeze. They’ve been around in online sports betting, casino, and fantasy sports circles for long enough to know that you won’t get very far if you make it too difficult for players to access their money. Deposits, and cashing out after a win, needs to be a seemless process. We have every confidence that bet365 Fantasy will knock this out of the park.

In the United States DFS industry, standard banking options include:

  • Credit Cards: Visa and MasterCard are the gold standard, but some sites do offer American Express or Discover service.
  • PayPal: A tried and true service that most Americans are quite familiar with at this stage. It’s easy to connect a bank account to your PayPal account.
  • PayNearMe: This is a popular retail option that bet365 has utilized on its sportsbook. You can essentially take cash to a participating retailer, initiate a deposit, pay the cashier in-person, and use your funds online.
  • Online Banking: With a few clicks you and a couple pieces of information you can connect your bank account directly to the site for speedy deposits and withdrawals.

Again, we want to wrap up this section by clarifying that we don’t know for sure what deposit and withdrawal methods are available on bet365 Fantasy since the product has not launched yet. Many of the above options are used regularly by DFS industry competitors, or by bet365 Sportsbook itself, so its reasonable to assume they could port them over to bet365 Fantasy.

About bet365

bet365 was founded in the year 2000 in the United Kingdom, first serving as a brick-and-mortar betting shop before expanding into the world of online sports betting. bet365 is now widely regarded as the world’s single largest sports betting company, with thousands of employees located across the world.

bet365 first made its way to the United States in 2019, launching bet365 Sportsbook in the then-recently legalized New Jersey sports betting market. Likewise, bet365 Casino also launched in the Garden State in the same year. Since then, bet365 has expanded its US online sportsbook to additional states, and is now exploring Daily Fantasy Sports, too.

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