BetSaracen Sportsbook Promo Code and Review 2023

BetSaracen Sportsbook, through the Saracen Casino Resort, is now available for legal, licensed sports betting in Arkansas. The up-and-coming brand went live in May of 2022, as the second online sportsbook in Arkansas. 

Below we’ll cover all of the details surrounding the BetSaracen online sportsbook and its operation in Arkansas. What’s the best BetSaracen promo code? What does sign up look like? What deposit methods are available? We’ll answer everything for you below.

BetSaracen promo code details

BetSaracen Promo Code TBA
BetSaracen OfferBetSaracen does not currently offer a a new player bonus
BetSaracen Terms21+ New Users Only. Available in AR

BetSaracen welcome bonus

Sports bettors know just how vital it is for a sportsbook to nail their welcome bonus, especially for a single-state operation like BetSaracen Sportsbook. An enticing welcome bonus can be a good way for you to separate yourself from the competition. In addition, for the bettor, it can be a great way to familiarize yourself with the sportsbook and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Right now BetSaracen offers an automatic 10% Parlay Boost on all winning parlays with 3 or more legs in them (minimum -200 odds). While its not a “welcome” offer per se, it is a nice promotion that will add value to your betting experience with BetSaracen Sportsbook.

BetSaracen Arkansas launch

BetSaracen Sportsbook is a relatively new operation. The sportsbook launched its app in Arkansas in May of 2022. The sportsbook app is offered via the Saracen Casino Resort

BetSaracen joins Betly Sportsbook as the only legal mobile operator in Arkansas. BetSaracen Sportsbook offers both iOS and Android betting apps on mobile.

Executives from the up-and-coming sportsbook had intentions to launch the app during March Madness, ideally. Especially considering the tear Arkansas basketball was on at the time… it would’ve made for an opportune time to do so.

But logistical obstacles prevented this – however, a few months later they were able to get to market in May and are now accepting bets from persons across the state of Arkansas.

BetSaracen registration procedure

The registration process for BetSaracen Sportsbook is straightforward. You will create a custom username and password and submit personal information such as your name and date of birth to verify that you are of legal age to play. There are a few sign-up fields with each containing no more than a few items.

Notably, BetSaracen does need the last four digits of your Social Security Number, so don’t be put off when it is requested. All legal online sportsbooks in the US, Arkansas included, require this information to confirm your identity.

Once the operations team can verify your information, you will be able to deposit money into your account. Placing legal bets in Arkansas is now available at your fingertips. 

The registration process is seamless, and your account should be up and running in no time.

BetSaracen Sign Up

You must be in Arkansas to bet with BetSaracen

As you likely know, legal sports betting in the United States is determined at the state level. Therefore sportsbook operators like BetSaracen need to attain licensing information in every state in which they hope to operate. Since BetSaracen is only licensed in the state of Arkansas, you must be in the state of Arkansas to place a bet with BetSaracen.

Your location will be determined when you access the sportsbook through a geolocation plugin that can be installed on your computer. If you are betting through the BetSaracen mobile app your phone or tablet can take care of geolocation for you.

Just grant the BetSaracen app access to your device’s location services or GPS permissions, and it’ll be able to verify your location automatically. If you aren’t inside the state of Arkansas, you can’t bet with BetSaracen.

BetSaracen sports betting FAQ

What is the BetSaracen Promo Code?

Stay tuned – soon we’re going to release our exclusive BetSaracen promo code. We’ll keep you posted and update this page accordingly as soon as it is available.

Is BetSaracen Legal?

Yes, BetSaracen is legal. It is a legitimate casino operation and licensed online sportsbook. Bettors can feel safe and secure using BetSaracen Sportsbook. Moreover, the Arkansas Racing Commission oversees all regulations involving sports betting throughout the state to ensure operators run a fair operation while promoting responsible gambling. You have nothing to sweat when you’re on the BetSaracen Sportsbook.

What states can I play BetSaracen Sportsbook?

BetSaracen Sportsbook is only live in Arkansas. Saracen Casino Resort launched retail sports betting in 2019, giving its mobile operation a go in 2022. We will see if their in-state Arkansas success can lead to potential expansion in other states.

What is the legal betting age in Arkansas?

The legal betting age in Arkansas is 21 years old. If you aren’t 21, don’t even bother trying to create an online sportsbook account with BetSaracen.

BetSaracen brand recognition

Although BetSaracen isn’t an industry mogul like some counterparts, early reports have indicated they’ve made considerable noise in the Arkansas betting market. And potential plans for expansion could be in the cards for the future.

BetSaracen is a legitimate casino and licensed online sportsbook. The casino has offered sports betting since 2019 and has not presented any concerns.

As one of the two live sportsbook apps, Arkansas bettors will undoubtedly be familiar with BetSaracen. Time will tell if they elect to expand into other regional states.

Saracen Casino Resort

The Saracen Casino Resort resides in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. It is owned and operated by the Quapaw Nation and is named after the famous Quapaw chief of the 1800s.

The Saracen Casino Resort opened in September 2019. They have slowly built it up, and the casino is now over 200,000 square feet. It has over 1,900 slot machines, nearly 40 gaming tables, a poker table, and a sportsbook lounge.

The Saracen Casino Resort was the first retail establishment to dive into the mobile sportsbook scene in Arkansas with a self-branded platform, and they haven’t needed any help launching on their own. Instead of partnering with an established mogul like FanDuel or DraftKings, they choose to develop their app.

Let’s review what the BetSaracen Sportsbook app entails.

BetSaracen app review

The BetSaracen Sportsbook is a solid product with many features working in its favor. The light brown and black color scheme presents a nice interface. The sportsbook app’s home page features the biggest games of the day that you can wager on.

The different betting markets are displayed on the top of the app as well as on the left-hand side.

BetSaracen mobile app look

Compared to some of the industry giants, BetSaracen’s Sportsbook feels somewhat behind the times. With some of the more prominent sportsbooks, it’s easy to click through and navigate the sportsbook to access game and player props and other side bets outside the common moneyline and spread bets.

This isn’t the case with BetSaracen, but the sportsbook is sufficient. Notably, those industry giants are available for sports betting in Arkansas – so BetSaracen continues to pace a restricted market.

Another bonus in the BetSaracen Sportsbook is the live-betting customers can partake in. The front page features live games that you can wager on, as well as live data feeds and box scores. However, it is essential to note that you should not use this information to bet on the live line, as these data feeds usually lag a little bit in real-time.

BetSaracen Sportsbook iOS performance

BetSaracen Sportsbook has a brutal rating in the Apple Store. They currently hold a pretty mediocre rating over the short time since it launched. We need to take these ratings with a massive grain of salt. This is a new operation in its infancy and should be given plenty of time to address potential improvements.

It can take homegrown casino operations some time to figure out the mobile component to their sportsbook, and we’ll give BetSaracen the benefit of the doubt. Seemingly, very few complaints actually have to do with the app and its performance.

Most of the complaints concern the exceedingly slow withdrawal time for customers’ winnings. This is to be expected in the beginning stages as the sportsbook works out potential stumbling blocks. Rest assured, all payments will arrive. Betting with BetSaracen is no different than betting at their retail sportsbook in person.

We review the banking methods below, but they are lacking, saying the least. Sometimes, a glaringly low rating can turn off customers, and for good reason, but BetSaracen’s Sportsbook low rating is a little bit misleading.

BetSaracen desktop review

The desktop version of the sportsbook is just an expanded version of what you’d see on your phone.

Bet Saracen Desktop SoftwareThe betting markets are across the top of the home page and the left side of your screen. In addition, the front page will feature any ongoing promotions for existing customers and the most significant upcoming competitions for the day.

The desktop version is easy to navigate as you can build up any betslip on the right-hand side by clicking on the markets you want to wager on.

BetSaracen betting markets

An intriguing feature of the BetSaracen Sportsbook is the number of betting markets users can wager on.

What is a betting market? Simply put, a betting market is a specific bet type or category of an event that you can wager on. For example, there are several different betting markets in college football. You can wager on the Razorbacks point spread against Kentucky this upcoming week.

In addition, you can place a future on Arkansas to win the SEC, if you’re feeling bold. These are two different betting markets. On BetSaracen Sportsbook, you can wager on all different sports. You should be covered whether the league is professional, college, small or big. Here is a list of the sports you can wager on BetSaracen Sportsbook:

  • Air Racing
  • Arena Football
  • Aussie Rules
  • Auto Racing
  • Badminton
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Boxing
  • Bull Riding
  • Cricket
  • Curling
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • MMA
  • Motorcycle Racing
  • Olympics
  • Rodeo
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Truck Racing
  • Volleyball


BetSaracen banking options

Unfortunately, as a newer sportsbook, BetSaracen has a minimal number of banking options for its users.

Although this is common practice for new sportsbooks to establish their footing, it can be a minor inconvenience for their customers. Below we will review the deposit and withdrawal methods at your disposal.

How to deposit at BetSaracen

Currently, BetSaracen only accepts deposits via Skrill and PayNearMe. We expect this selection to expand in the future, but for now, it’s a little bit of slim pickings. However, Skrill does support several deposit methods of their own.

Skrill is a convenient e-wallet similar to PayPal that provides deposits and withdrawals for licensed betting sites and online sportsbooks in the United States. Skrill supports depositing methods such as bank transfers and credit or debit cards. In addition, you can utilize PayNearMe on BetSaracen.

For users that are skeptical of revealing their personal information on credit cards, PayNearMe is perfect for you. PayNearMe is a very popular and common cash-based deposit method for online sportsbooks. PayNearMe transactions will take place at a local convenience store like 7-Eleven or Walgreens.

All you’d need to do is create an account, choose an amount to deposit into your account, and print or save your PaySlip to your phone. It comes with a barcode. On the app, you can navigate and find the nearest convenience store that supports PayNearMe transactions.

Take your PaySlip, hand the PaySlip to the cashier, they’ll scan it like you’re making a purchase, you hand them cash, and you’re off to the races. You can access the newly deposited funds in just minutes.

Although the list of depositing methods isn’t longer at this time, Skrill and PayNearMe cover the essentials. Moving forward we’d like to see them support bank transfers, credit cards, ACH/eChecks, and more.

How to withdraw winnings at BetSaracen

As we stated above, the banking options are pretty limited.

The same remains true when you withdraw your winnings. For most sportsbooks, customers would have a solid selection of potential options such as PayPal and online banking, among other methods. The only ways to withdraw your winnings now are via the Skrill eWallet

Hopefully, BetSaracen can expand on these options in the future.

BetSaracen customer service contact information

As one could imagine, the BetSaracen customer service team isn’t as big and resourceful as some of the other prominent sportsbook brands.

If you have questions or concerns about your experience at BetSaracen Sportsbook, you can email their support team or call their number.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (870) 953-2082

They also have a FAQ page for sportsbook users on their website that help answer the basics.

BetSaracen Review Verdict
Bottom Line
The Arkansas casino turned mobile app, BetSaracen has made plenty of noise in the AR market since their launch. BetSaracen's mobile app is very solid, giving users a nice interface with all of the modern features that you expect from a legal online sportsbook. The banking options are limiting but as a smaller operation, this is something that can be corrected in the future.
Mobile App
Web Platform
Pricing and Betting Options
User Experience
Deposits and Withdrawals
The Good
Good app for both iOS and Android
Ample betting markets
Modern interface and live data feeds
The Bad
Limiting number of banking options
Slow withdrawal time
Derek Mountain

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