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The Analyst: In-Game Wagering One Of Best Bets To Make

For most casual sports bettors, making a bet on a game has less to do with careful analysis and seeking the best value for their bet and more to do with simply wanting to increase their excitement and interest in a particular game. For the professional sports bettors, enthusiasm for a game is a distraction while they are gathering and studying information looking for advantages where the book has a...

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The Analyst: Mobile Apps Changing Game For Bettors’ Habits

Profits in any casino game comes from the volume of activity in the category of the wager. Sounds profound, but the principle is simple. Let’s say one person makes one bet of $100,000 on a casino game that has a 5 percent casino advantage. With one bet, the bettor either wins or loses $100,000 conversely the casino either wins or loses $100,000. However, if 2,000 people each make a $5...

The Analyst: Is It A Sports Bet Or Slot Wager?

Many of the jurisdictions that followed Atlantic City into the world of legalized gaming did so on the premise that casino-style gaming would promote tourism, create jobs and of course throw tax dollars into the respective state’s treasury. Sounds good and makes sense so why not. No surprise, the formulae worked, employment increased, communities flourished and gambling that to be considered a sin morphed into entertainment. All was right with...

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