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DRAFT is the newest platform to establish a following in the DFS industry. They’ve removed themselves from the salary-based lineup format and created daily, weekly, and season long contests predicated on a live snake draft format. This provides players with a completely unique experience when entering DFS contests, as they’re paired with other players in a live draft as opposed to choosing players that everyone else can also select. They’ve successfully created a niche in a growing market, so DRAFT should be a name that sticks around for years to come.

Website Features

I’ll be breaking down different aspects of the FanDuel user experience, rating each category on a 0-5 scale.

Game Play/Variety of Games – 5/5

Once again, their gameplay is really what separates DRAFT from the traditional DFS sites. Their live snake draft format is applied to the NFL, NBA, NHL, and PGA, with different contests available for each sport. Live drafts can include anywhere for 2-10 people, with head-to-heads providing an exciting battle of the wits as you live draft against your opponent. There are also bigger contests that resemble tournaments on a standard DFS site. DRAFT uses bracket-style contests over several weeks for these larger tournament feels, so users will redraft a new team against an opponent week-after-week as long as they can continue to win.


DRAFT also offers Dream Team and Expert Draft contests. Dream Team is a format that allows the players to pick any 5 players they want, regardless of price, to score the most fantasy points possible. There is no salary limit when playing Dream Team, but players still have to fall within their positional requirements. Expert drafts are on the other end of the spectrum, as they eliminate the top projected players at each position from the draft, so players have to dig deeper and find the best matchups from the mid and lower tiered options. It provides a perfect counter to the Dream Team format, as there likely won’t be any “lock” selections when choosing teams, and gaining an edge on the field will require more research. These provide great variation and provide a solid counterbalance to one another.

Money Deposit/Withdrawal and Bonuses – 4.5/5

Depositing money into DRAFT is very simple if you have a PayPal account or credit card. Money that’s been deposited is immediately available for use within the site, providing the user with the ability to enter contests right away, a common feature among DFS sites.


Withdrawals on DRAFT follow a similar format as DraftKings. When withdrawing money via PayPal, DRAFT will first refund the initial amount of the deposit and credit you with any leftover funds. Their policy is to process all withdrawals within 48 hours, regardless of a PayPal withdrawal or via check. Checks should arrive at the provided address within 7-10 days. With the ease and quickness of the PayPal withdrawal, I recommend using that method unless you want to wait up to 10 days for a check to arrive via snail mail.


There are different promotional codes that can provide bonus cash when depositing funds. Bonus cash is held separately from your main bankroll and will expire after 90 days. In order to access the bonus cash, you must spend money within the site. For every $25 played on the site, $1 will be released from the bonus cash (4%). This is a pretty standard method of bonus allocation, so be prepared to spend money in order to get some back after using a promotion.

Customer Service – 5/5

DRAFT has a pretty standard setup when it comes to customer service. They have a full FAQ page with the most commonly asked questions from users. If your question is not answered there and can’t be found within the site, emailing [email protected] should do the trick. They’re usually very quick to answer since they’re a smaller site, making customer service a strength of theirs.

User Experience – 4/5

Providing variety and a game experience that no other DFS site can offers users a great experience. Their website is well-laid out and easy to follow, but they don’t offer near the customization when searching for contests that the other major sites do. Lobbies aren’t sortable by anything other than sport, so navigating to your desired contest can take a while. Outside of their lack of filtering capabilities, the site is full of explanations and has a very detailed overview section. This provides users with comfort when using the site, as all their questions can be answered by clicking on several different tabs that lead to further information. Advanced filtering should come in the near future, but until then that’s the only thing holding DRAFT back from a top-notch user experience.

Overall Score
Game Play
Customer Services
User Experience


Under their vast collection of in-site resources, DRAFT features a whole section on the legal aspect of the site and participating in DFS. It’s broken down into three categories, eligibility, privacy policy, and terms of service. Eligibility is what I’ll focus on here, as they provide the guidelines for who can participate legally in DFS.

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Resident of and currently located in US or Canada
  • Not eligible in following states: Alabama, Arizona, Iowa, Missouri, Louisiana, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Hawaii


If you fail to meet those criteria, you are not allowed to deposit or play for money on DRAFT.


Now that DRAFT has created a solid footing in the DFS industry with their snake draft format, I can’t wait to see what comes next. They’ve really differentiated themselves from the crowd and could become a huge attraction to fantasy players that don’t enjoy the salary-based roster format.  As long as they continue to innovate and produce a strong product, DRAFT will be around for the long term.

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