FanDuel DFS Site Review


FanDuel was the first site founded of the remaining top competitors, as they entered the DFS realm in 2009. They’ve remained on the forefront of change in the DFS community since then, resulting in their longevity in an industry that has seen multiple sites fail or be acquired by more established sites shortly after launch. FanDuel is currently partnered with 15 NFL and 16 NBA teams, further solidifying their position in the growing industry and establishing an easier path to acquiring future players. After a potential merger with DraftKings was nixed by the Federal Trade Commision, FanDuel now embarks on their solo journey to remain as the longest surviving DFS platform.

Website Features

We’ll be breaking down different aspects of the FanDuel user experience, rating each category on a 0-5 scale.

Game Play/Variety of Games – 5/5

There’s a wide range of options when it comes to playing contests on FanDuel. They currently run DFS contests for eight different sports: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, EPL, PGA, UCL, and WNBA. NFL and MLB have been recently buffed to include ‘Mini’ contests, which boil down to choosing five players, regardless of price, to score the most points on that slate of games. As a casual or frequent DFS player, FanDuel provides plenty of options to keep gameplay interesting.


With increased scrutiny on top players (sharks) in DFS feasting on inexperienced ones (fish), FanDuel has made it a priority to provide beginner contests for those new players. This provides a solid opportunity for those new to DFS contests to learn the ropes while gaining valuable experience through the site. It’s a clear step in the right direction in allowing new players to feel safe and comfortable when first joining the site.

Money Deposit/Withdrawal and Bonuses – 5/5

It’s extremely easy to deposit and withdraw money from FanDuel. Deposits can be done using a credit card or linking your bank account through PayPal, which both provide the user the ability to play their money moments after the deposit. It’s a smooth process as a whole, with easy to follow deposit instructions on both the website and mobile app.


Withdrawals from FanDuel come with two options as well. Players can send their money directly to their PayPal account, resulting in the money being available in 48 hours or less (usually less in my personal experience, as it’s processed within the next business day). The other alternative is to have the money sent via check. FanDuel states checks will be received within 7-10 business days, but we have no verification to back that up. The PayPal transaction is so seamless and easy, we highly recommend going that route if you have an account already available.


Utilizing the bonuses FanDuel offers can be an easy way to make money if you plan to become a frequent player. Promotions change in terms of what percentage or amount FanDuel will match upon initial deposit, so we recommend monitoring the latest deals to get the most out of your deposit. The kicker when FanDuel says they’ll match your deposit is that only four cents is released to you for every dollar spent in the site. Therefore, if you deposited $100 and FanDuel matched that amount, you’d need to play $2,500 worth of contests for the entirety of $100 to be released.

Customer Service – 4.5/5

FanDuel has an easy to use support system for when players need questions answered or help fixing issues they encounter. There’s a plethora of FAQ’s that are answered on the site, along with Live Chat and a support ticket system where staff will email users with responses to their problems. We’ve used both live chat and the ticket system, which have both resulted in quick responses and helpful information. Before submitting a question, however, we recommend checking out their FAQs, as DFS players often encounter the same issues.

User Experience – 5/5

Both the website and app provide a quality experience for players. Contests are clearly separated and easily distinguishable on both platforms, allowing users to pinpoint exactly what slate they want to play, contest limitations in terms of entry fee, and whether it’s a tournament or cash game. There are toggles and sliders for nearly every option you could imagine, including sorting contests by entry fee, prizes, size, number of entries, and alphabetically by contest name. Their customization of contest lobbies is hard to beat, and ranks as my favorite of the major sites currently out there.

Overall Score
Game Play
Customer Service
User Experience


While the legality of the DFS industry continues to get scrutinized, FanDuel provides us with cut-and-dry qualifications in terms of player participation and who is able to enter contests. A full list regarding eligibility is available on the FanDuel website, but I’ll break down the major components.


  • Must be 18 years or older (21+ in Massachusetts)
  • Citizen of US or Canada
  • Must be in US or Canada to enter contests
  • Can’t enter contests in following states: Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, Texas or Washington
  • May not be affiliated with another DFS site where you have access to confidential data that may be used to your advantage


FanDuel may restrict your participation if you do not meet the requirements above, as well as a few minor stipulations that are laid out in full on their site.


Overall, FanDuel has created a product built to last, as showcased by their longevity thus far. They’ve continued to revamp their offerings and buffed the site for daily DFS players and those who play on a more recreational basis. I look forward to seeing what they do to keep themselves on the cutting edge of the DFS industry.

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