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The FanDuel Sportsbook launched in New Jersey on Sept. 1, 2018. It’s available on apps for both Android and iOS devices (Apple) and also as a Web-based platform.

It’s legal and licensed, operating through its licensure relationship with Meadowlands Racetrack (near MetLife Stadium), where it manages retail operations at the Victory Sports Bar.

After spending a lot of time using the mobile app and web platform, Sports Handle submits that the product is pretty damn good, according to our criteria explained in greater detail below. Overall, we grade the sportsbook an A-. Meaning very good, with room for improvements and alterations. You can follow them on Twitter at @FDSportsbook.

What The FanDuel Sportsbook Looks Like, What Bets You Can Make; FanDuel Sportsbook Bonus Code And Full Review

For starters, you must be located in New Jersey to use any version of the sportsbook. The state requires that FanDuel (and other sportsbooks) use geo-tracking technology to make sure players are in the state.

You must also be 21 years old to use legal NJ sportsbooks.

The FanDuel Sportsbook offers a robust menu of sports betting options — for the most part, similar kinds of wagering as in other legal U.S. sports betting states and available with offshore operators, with some added creativity:

  • Spread bets
  • Moneyline wagers
  • Totals (team, quarters, halves, etc.)
  • Props (player, team and scoring props)
  • Futures (such as who will win the Super Bowl or NBA championship for example)
  • Live and in-game wagering
  • Bets on daily fantasy sports production (for example, Travis Kelce FanDuel fantasy points for NFL Week 4: over/under 13.5)

Overall it’s a very appealing and impressive book, especially considering it was essentially started from scratch before the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power Betfair acquired the company, forming the FanDuel Group, and began lending its experience.

The platform is smooth, intuitive and fast on both the app and on the web. It has a sophisticated, contemporary and professional design. The rotating banner ads are useful and relevant, for example: “Bet Live on Chiefs vs. Broncos.” Also one banner flags the “Betting FAQ” for the novice or recreational sports bettors.

What It Looks Like:

Here are some screencaps from the mobile app (Android) showing the straight bets, props and futures menus, overall design, live betting screens, betting slip and parlay/teaser setup and more:

fanduel sportsbook review bonus code legal betting in nj and pa


fanduel sportsbook review bonus code legal betting in nj and pa

fanduel sportsbook review bonus code legal betting in nj and pa


Here are screencaps from the Web-based platform:

fanduel sportsbook deposit methods


fanduel sportsbook bonus code sportsbook legal review

fanduel sportsbook bonus code sportsbook legal review

Mobile App

As you can see from the screencaps, the aesthetic is nice and clean with a white background, making the text easy to read. It’s not cluttered and the screen doesn’t waste space, while keeping the most important information front and center — such as the game lines, prices, corresponding moneyline and totals.

In the same screen you can see tabs for futures bets. College football is conveniently grouped with NFL, likewise the NBA and NCAA hoops. If you get lost, there’s the “AZ” on the bottom, which will pop out a menu to get you back to the sport you want or the homepage.

The buttons are responsive to touch but overly so. Pick a wager and the betting slip will pop up. You can minimize the slip by hitting the “X” in the top right corner. If you want to add multiple bets, hit “X” in the top right to go back to the previous or to another menu to add bets.

You can just keep adding to your slip to make straight wagers, or combine for parlays or teasers (or round robins). Hit the trash can symbol to remove any wager. As with any frame, if you enter in your wager amount, the bet field will generate the potential win amount based on the odds and update the potential payout (or cost for the desired payout) if you manipulate the dollar amount.

Above all: the app is totally intuitive, clean, fast and doesn’t leave us wanting very much.

Web-based Platform

The web platform matches the design and overall feel of the mobile app, which makes things consistent and convenient.

What’s different? You have more room to operate and observe, obviously, so your betting slip (and active and settled wagers) are offset to the right while you navigate the rest of what’s happening. At this point a majority of people probably use mobile apps, which limits the amount you can see on screen. With the web platform we like the more robust display of information so you can see more while trying to process a lot of information.

It’s very easy to click around without any lag or glitches. Nice, clean and information-rich without overwhelming.

Pricing and Betting Options

As for betting options, FanDuel offers all the standard straight wagers plus a ton of player and game props, futures, bets where you can bet on fantasy points, combination bets such as: Jordan Howard rushes for 67.5 yards or more and Bears win. Most of what you can play elsewhere or can imagine is available for your consideration.

Examples of some of the props and wagers include:

  • Race to 10 points (popular in basketball betting, especially the NCAA tournament)
  • First touchdown scorer
  • Winning margin (10-point ‘bands’, such as Rams by 11 to 20)
  • Longest successful field goal
  • Receiving yards for Julio Jones over/under 89.5
  • First turnover will be…
  • You like soccer? Get some “correct score” props, such as Manchester United 1-0 over West Ham for +700.
  • NBA regular season win totals over/under

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s loads of props and futures for all most popular sports including tennis, soccer, hockey, MMA, boxing, auto racing, basketball, baseball and more.

As for pricing, it’s commensurate with what we’ve seen in the New Jersey market: 10 cents on either side of a football game and moneylines on par with industry norms. Some baseball prices are closer to 10 cents a side, while Nevada industry norm and in other jurisdictions is about 10 cents total. Regulated sports betting has many benefits, but slightly higher pricing in some cases such as this is an anticipated drawback.

Pricing on parlays/teasers: The parlay and teaser odds chart are “Available in the betting guide at the betting window.” In other words, not accessible online, but it should be. For parlays, every payout is the same as what you’ll find outside the U.S. except for popular 3-way parlays, which pay at +595. that’s compared with +600 or 6/1. Small difference — but not for the book, which will add up to a lot over time.

Also for teasers: You can make 6, 6.5 and 7-point teasers for football. At William Hill, you can actually go up to 10. More options are better here.  Payouts on teasers are industry standard compared to New Jersey and Nevada.

Note: For football, you can’t “buy” a point (such as buying a half point on the Lions from +3 to +3.5) in the traditional sense, however FanDuel offers scores of alternative lines with corresponding pricing that may get you close to what want, but not necessarily. An area for improvement. By comparison with playMGM’s app, you can buy at least half a point in most contests. 

Notice at the bottom of the line slip you can turn on “review line changes.” This gives you the option — if a line or price changes while you’re considering the wager — to accept or reject it. As opposed to the new number getting processed, which happens at some books.

Note: You can’t make ‘correlation’ parlays or teasers. In other words, you can’t parlay or tease sides/totals in the same game. This limitation has appeared at a few other sportsbooks we’ve examined, so it’s not unique to FanDuel it seems. Another open question is the limitation on cross-sport teasers/parlays, which currently are not allowed. For example, you can’t tease an NFL with a college football game, as of October 1, 2018.

Accessible on both the app and web is the options for: Betting Guide, Terms and Conditions, House Rules, Responsible Gaming and Support. As for betting limits, we don’t quite have the funds to test the upper limits for how much you can get down. Contact them to find out about that. You can also chat with a real person 24/7.

As you may be aware, in September a man at the Meadowlands took advantage of a pricing glitch, betting $110 at 750-1 odds to win $82,000 when the actual price should have been -600. After a review and a lot of blowback, the company decided to honor the bet when, if you do read those house rules, they could have justify declined to do so based on a “palpable error.” So – read those terms and conditions at any/every sportsbook where you play, folks.

User Experience

As indicated in the discussion of the app and web platform above, we really enjoy both versions. The adjectives that fit best are: smooth, clean, intuitive, accessible and fast. And a lack of cutter and plenty of clarity.

Quick note: If you’ve got a multi-legged teaser or parlay in the works, under ‘Active Wagers’ (or open bets) in the bet slip field, a winning leg will get shaded light blue. It’s a nice tracking device. If that leg flops, you’ll see a strikethrough under settled wagers.

One big complaint regarding bet history: Right now if you go to “person” button next to your balance, you’ll find Account History and there’s a small line that says “Click here to see your detailed bet history.” That takes you to open (or active) wagers. The “Sportsbook Wagers” tab under account history shows you the bet slip numbers — but doesn’t display the actual bet. The “Account Summary” is a holistic profit/losses display. The only way to look at all the wagers is through “Settled” bets, by adjusting the calendar to a defined period, and then sifting through. Also while navigating “bet history” under the icon shaped like a Lego person, it’s easy to get signed out, which is annoying.

The point is: It should be easy to access detailed “bet history” and to sort by date frames to include profits/loss and wins/losses over any given span. Serious bettors will (and do) need to keep spreadsheets to track their performances. Here they will certainly have to. Many of the operators located outside of the U.S. offer the ability to easily navigate past wagers; the pages displaying history and performances are among the highest-viewed pages a sportsbook sees. People want to know — rather than just blindly moving the bankroll. We hope that FanDuel will look into improving this and making past wagers (much more easily) accessible. 

Deposits and Withdrawals

Here are the methods you can use – as seen below. The same deposit/withdrawal methods are available on mobile and the web platform (note: most banks will reject credit card deposits; we recommend using PayPal or ACH/checking .

fanduel sportsbook bonus code sportsbook legal review

We deposited with PayPal and withdrew funds with PayPal, which hit the account in under 48 hours.

Final Word

FanDuel Sportsbook is currently operational in New Jersey. Soon it will be available in West Virginia (through its partnership with the GreenBrier Resort).

Likewise, FanDuel Sportsbook will be coming to Pennsylvania through a partnership with Valley Forge Casino. That could be live in late 2018.

Same story for New York through a partnership with the Nichols, New York-based Tioga Downs. New York is expected to legalize sports wagering in 2019.

You’ll see FanDuel Sportsbook live or making a run in numerous other states in the next year or two.

FanDuel Review Verdict
Mobile App
Web Platform
Pricing and Betting Options
User Experience
Deposits and Withdrawals
Fast, clean design, quality user experience
Easy, safe deposits and withdrawals
Competitive pricing, lots of props and futures options
Better pricing elsewhere on teasers/parlays
Wager history can be difficult to navigate
Overall Rating
FanDuel Sportsbook is currently operational in New Jersey and overall based on all the criteria, is Sports Handle's top-rated sportsbook on desktop and mobile devices. We expect the FD Sportsbook to be operational soon in both West Virginia and Pennsylvania.
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