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$250 Bonus Bet
Valid September 2023
  • Make complex Accumulator bets
  • Shared wallet with the online casino
  • Straightforward loyalty program
  • Tons of banking options



Golden Nugget Sportsbook Promo Code

Golden Nugget has had a footing in the legal gambling market for over 70 years and is nearly a household name. If you’ve ever visited Las Vegas, you’ve surely seen its Fremont facade greeting eager casino fans; only recently has that experience become available online. This experienced casino provider is trying its hand at the sports betting market, and there’s still a lot of room to grow.

While the Golden Nugget online casino brand is already quite popular in the Garden State, the company is seeking to take advantage of the expanding sports betting market and build its less-heralded sportsbook among bettors in New Jersey, Michigan, and beyond.

We’ve taken the Golden Nugget sportsbook for a spin, and have a rundown on all the available features and how they function. It’s a mixed bag, with Golden Nugget offering a relatively stable user experience, decently competitive odds, and some promotions. Let’s get into the details below.

In which states is Golden Nugget sportsbook available?

StateAvailability Online Retail Casino
New JerseyYesGolden Nugget AC
MichiganMatched Bonus Bet up to $250Ojibwa Casino Baraga and Ojibwa Casino Marquette
NevadaOnline (but remote registration not allowed)Golden Nugget Las Vegas
MississippiNoGolden Nugget Biloxi
LouisianaNoComing soon to Golden Nugget Lake Charles

The Golden Nugget online sportsbook is currently available in an increasing number of US states. We’ll keep users updated with changes in the legal sports market as things progress, but the smart money says that Golden Nugget’s expansion will continue.

Key differences between state markets for Golden Nugget sportsbook

  • New Jersey state law prohibits bets on New Jersey college teams or New Jersey-based college events.
  • Though there is officially one Golden Nugget online sports betting platform offered to users in New Jersey, users in Nevada can wager using a Golden Nugget sports betting app. However, as they cannot withdraw or deposit to this account without physically being at the casino in Las Vegas, it’s not strictly considered a “sports betting app.”

Golden Nugget promo code

Golden Nugget Sportsbook Promo CodeJust click this link
Welcome Bonus$250 Bonus Bet (MI), $100 Bonus Bet (NJ)
Bonus ValidSeptember 2023

The Golden Nugget bonus is different in its active online states.

New Jersey

The package consists of a bonus bet up to $100. It’s important to note that this bet isn’t actually “risk-free”— here’s how it works (more sportsbook bonus explanations here):

  • Sign up with Golden Nugget sportsbook following the instructions laid out later in this article.
  • Make your first deposit. Up to $100 of that first deposit will count towards your bonus bet.
  • Make your first wager. If that wager is a loss, up to $100 will be credited back to your account as a single Bonus Bet.
  • Use that Bonus Bet to make another wager, however the “stake” (amount wagered) won’t be returned on a winning bet – only the winnings.

As with any online betting platform’s welcome offer, there are wagering requirements involved. To net the bonus bet of $100, you have to place a wager on a single or live bet. If your bet wins, you win; if you lose, you receive bet credit that you cannot withdraw as cash. This is why the bet isn’t exactly “risk-free”, but does give you an extra bet if your first is a flop.

Other types of bonus offers include matched deposits, where the operator will match a user’s first deposit up to a certain amount based on wagering requirements. Additionally, you can find online betting providers that offer deposit-free betting credits, which consist of a few dollars (up to $50) in bonus betting credit which can be wagered, but not withdrawn.


For those in Michigan, your next bet with Golden Nugget Sportsbook is on the house. Simply opt-in for the offer via the ‘Available Bonuses’ section of your Golden Nugget MI account to receive a bonus sportsbook bet. After you deposit, place your first real money wager on any sportsbook market with at least -200 odds. Golden Nugget will then match your wager with a bonus bet (up to the $250 max). The bonus bet is credited within 48 hours, and has a 14-day expiration – so make sure it gets used! Also notable, you have to use the entire bonus bet at once. If you received the maximum $250 bonus wager, all of it must be used at one time.

Golden Nugget online sportsbook basics

First and foremost, as with all legally regulated online sportsbooks in the U.S., Golden Nugget is restricted to folks of legal gambling age who are physically located in the state from which the app is branded. This will be clearly listed on all websites and apps offering regulated betting in the U.S., so make sure you have the proper app before you wager. In order to verify your location, the app will require you to have location services enabled at all times. For desktop users, location is verified through a browser plugin which must be installed and enabled whenever wagering with Golden Nugget sportsbook. We’ll detail that process when we talk about signup below.

Golden Nugget online sportsbook could benefit from a bit of an expansion of their available markets, and doesn’t have the most robust selection of promotions out there. However, seasoned sports bettors will find their “system” bets to be a welcome challenge, and the odds fair decently well among competitors.

Bet types

You’ll find all of your favorite wagers and everything an experienced sports bettor would expect here, like:

The addition of complex accumulator bets will make experienced sports bettors feel right at home. Additionally, boosted bets like Golden Lines and “golden” odds boosts like the Notorious V.I.G. boosts are fun ways to bring fans into events they might not have tried otherwise.

Of course, any modern online sports betting experience wouldn’t be complete without the option to try Live Betting (also known as in-game betting). Live Betting is a new addition recently impossible before the advent of online sportsbooks– you can’t place a bet on-the-fly if you have to wait in line. Now, users of Golden Nugget online sportsbook can take advantage of in-play betting opportunities. There’s not a live streaming function available on the service, but live betting is enough to add a few points to Golden Nugget’s overall score.

The Golden Nugget online sportsbook offers a few novel features and a decent list of available markets with comparatively decent odds. There’s nothing to write home about regarding this online sports betting provider, but if you’re already using or familiar with the Golden Nugget family of casinos and betting products, it doesn’t hurt to give them a try.

If you’re worried about your spending, don’t worry– Golden Nugget sportsbooks hosts several Responsible Gaming initiatives, including the ability to set limits or cooling off periods to your account. There are always safe ways to play, and Golden Nugget does well to offer its users ways to encourage healthy and responsible wagering.

Golden Nugget online sportsbook mobile app

Golden Nugget Mobile App

  • Availability: The Golden Nugget sportsbook app is available for iOS and Android. Users can also play directly from their browser.
  • Speed: As the app is trying to do so much at one time, we’ve found that the speeds, even on quality connections, were poor. Even simpler things, like loading a daily match list, seemed to hang for a handful of seconds before populating with two matches.
  • Stability: When using the Golden Nugget sportsbook app or using the browser version, we experienced very little in the way of stability issues. There connection could certainly be faster, though. Make sure you’re connected to WiFi rather than using cell data.
  • Appearance: Overall, the Golden Nugget sportsbook app is eye-catching and relatively modern-feeling. However, as appearance and navigation go hand-in-hand, there are some concerns with cosmetic choices that affect the readability of the site. Mainly, we noted more than one image glitch that was meant to be “flashy” but instead blocked important betting information.
  • Navigation: Across the board, we’ve found the navigation on this app and on the desktop version to be overly complicated and glitchy. Nearly every time we tapped the Back button when looking at bets or promotions, we were taken to the casino section, doubling the amount of taps necessary to navigate the app. This is irritating and makes the sportsbook section of Golden Nugget seem rushed and poorly thought out. The navigation is perhaps the feature of the Golden Nugget sportsbook that could use the most work.
  • Responsiveness: The Golden Nugget sportsbook app is relatively responsive, displaying with little issue on a variety of devices.
  • Bet Slip building: Let’s face it– the betslip on Golden Nugget sportsbook could be better. When placing a single bet, for example, there are sometimes two options to change stake for the total bet, which is redundant. The betslip takes longer to dynamically compile your results than most other websites, even though we’re only talking about simple arithmetic. At times, we’d place a bet, only to have the betslip list odds plus or minus five lower than what the moneyline says on the same screen. Overall, the betslip needs some work.
  • Casino/DFS crossover: The Golden Nugget is largely a casino and online casino pro that’s trying its hand at the sports betting market. Therefore, with regards to casino crossovers, this app does provide a fully realized casino section. There’s no DFS associated with Golden Nugget at the moment.

Simply put, this is a fine app. It’s adequate. The Golden Nugget sportsbook app suffers from a lack of intuitive design, at times struggling to function with basic tasks. However, the odds are competitive, the betting process is relatively straightforward, and there’s a decent set of promotions to choose from. If you want a slightly easier betting experience, however, use the desktop version of Golden Nugget sportsbook.

Web-based platform

Golden Nugget Web Platform

Though still suffering from cramped and overlapping designs that block vital information, the Golden Nugget sportsbook is a much better user experience when visited on a browser with a large screen. The app suffers from the same issues that the desktop version does, only multiplied by the difference in screen size with a bit of slow response time thrown in.

The desktop version of Golden Nugget sportsbook avoids most of these issues, so it is overall a better choice for users looking for a streamlined experience. Other than navigation and interface concerns, however, there is little difference between using the apps and the browser version of the Golden Nugget sportsbook.

Creating a Golden Nugget sportsbook account

There will be a few key differences when installing the sports betting app for Android versus iOS, but with any platform, make sure your OS and browser are up-to-date. The apps won’t perform well on anything less than Android 9 or iOS 10, but should be functional on most devices using these two platforms.

  • iOS users will be able to find and download the Golden Nugget app (which hosts both the casino and sportsbook) by searching for their state-appropriate app on the App Store.
  • Users on Android devices will have to download the APK file from the state-appropriate Golden Nugget website and install to their device manually. Your device will prompt you, indicating that APK files may harm your computer and ask you to enable the installation from “unknown sources”. Don’t worry– these apps are all state-regulated and safe.

Once you’ve got the app, make sure location services are enabled and follow these steps to create your account. Desktop users will verify their location in a different way, detailed below.

    1. Visit the Golden Nugget website or open the app and hit Sign Up.
    2. Fill in your chosen login details and confirm your password.
    3. Fill in your personal details, including the last four of your SSN to confirm age and identity.
    4. Enter your contact information.
    5. Enter your deposit information to add wagering funds to your account.

If you’re going to play for real money using a browser, you’ll need to verify your location continuously whenever wagering by using a geolocation plugin. The Golden Nugget sportsbook will prompt you to install this plugin once you attempt to make your first wager using real funds.

Pricing and Betting Options at Golden Nugget

This sports betting platform seems to lean towards the more experienced bettor looking for a good variety of available sports markets. The big three in the US: football, basketball, and baseball, are all well represented during their seasons, but the niche sports included aren’t as well populated with matches. Still, there is a variety here, and it’s nice to see representation for sports that are popular both at home and internationally. You’ll be able to bet on the following and more:

Golden Nugget offers competitive odds, but doesn’t stand out. Here’s one example using the a Patriots and Texans:

FanDuelDraftKingsGolden Nugget
Patriots Moneyline Odds-142-136-145
Texans Moneyline Odds 120112120
Payout for $100 Wager on New England$70.42$74.00$68.97
Payout for $100 Wager on Houston$120$112$120
Vig 4.13%4.8%4.64%

The 4.64% is slightly above the 4.5% that’s about industry average.  This is but one example and why it’s always worth shopping around.

Here are some examples of types of bets you can place with Golden Nugget online sportsbook:

  • A straight bet for the Pats to win outright over the Texans
  • A three-fold parlay across three different UEFA matches
  • Betting the over/under on a March Madness contest
  • Bet on your favorite underdog in both men’s and women’s UFC

Golden Nugget Loyalty/Rewards

Users of the Golden Nugget online sportsbook will be able to benefit from a loyalty program that enables them to earn points just for playing and depositing. It’s a typical tier rewards program, offering expedited services, exclusive invites to events, VIP gifts, and a lot more. We like the Golden VIP program because it does something that other loyalty programs doesn’t– it’s straightforward. This many points equals this many rewards, and there isn’t too much fine print: just meet the requirements, keep up a balance of points, and benefit from the extras.

There are quite a few branded bets that you can check out. The Golden Lines section of the sportsbook offers a decent selection of daily odds boosts on matches all across favorite sports. This is something to keep an eye on– betting on boosted odds is a great way to find an edge over the book.

If you want a little bit more insight into the available rewards, they mostly consist of cashback rewards and expedited withdrawals. Once you’ve proven yourself to be a trusted customer, you can look forward to shorter withdrawal times and up to 20% cashback rewards on your purchases with the sportsbook. Additionally, when you visit the Golden Nugget Casino at the Atlantic City Marina, look forward to a VIP host and a bunch of comps if you’re a VIP member.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Golden Nugget sportsbook

A deposit to your Golden Nugget sportsbook account will be necessary to start wagering and secure any deposit-related offers, including the welcome bonus. When it’s time to make a deposit, the following methods will be available. Luckily, Golden Nugget offers one of the widest selections of payment options we’ve seen including American Express, which is almost unheard of.

  • PayPal
  • VIP Preferred (ACH transactions)
  • Online Bank Transfer (Log into your online banking portal through the sportsbook)
  • Play+ Prepaid Card
  • PayNearMe, at select locations in NJ (Michigan and other states pending)
  • Visa, American Express, Mastercard (issuing bank sometimes rejects gambling-related transactions)
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Cash at the Golden Nugget Atlantic City casino cage

Once you’re ready to make a withdrawal, Golden Nugget has a good selection of available options. They include:

  • PayPal
  • VIP Preferred account
  • Play+
  • Check
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Cash at the Golden Nugget Atlantic City casino cage

Keep in mind that all withdrawals from online, real-money betting services take time. You may also be required to fill out tax documents if your winnings exceed $600. Still, patience is a virtue, and it’s easier to be virtuous if you know you’re waiting for winnings.

PayPal is perhaps the best way to make deposits and withdrawals, simply because it offers two-factor authentication and is offered by a wide number of banks. Still, Play+ and VIP preferred are also secure methods of accessing account funds, though there’s nothing more secure than going there in person.

More about Golden Nugget sportsbook

Golden Nugget sportsbook also has a casino section, or rather, the casino also has a sportsbook section. Some would argue that the casino section of Golden Nugget is even more realized, with Live Dealer games, twenty types of Blackjack alone, and a metric ton of slots. Clearly, Golden Nugget is a casino first, and this is more than evident with their online apps. In fact, Golden Nugget is actually spinning off its online casino sector into its own company called Golden Nugget Online Gaming — valued at $745 million.

But that’s not to say that the sportsbook doesn’t do its best to offer features to its users. Just the opposite– there are a bunch of features on the Golden Nugget sportsbook, some more realized than others. The betslip, while not without its problems, offers a really interesting and novel method for accumulator bets that we’d like to see expanded on.

Customer Support

The customer support options are pretty standard for a modern sportsbook. Golden Nugget has everything you’d expect from a competitive operator, including live chat, email, telephone, and even snail mail options for contacting support. Additionally, the FAQ knowledge base is surprisingly well organized.

When giving an analysis of an online sportsbook, it’s important to take all of the customer service options for a spin. In many ways, customer care teams have made or broken online betting providers, and Golden Nugget is no different. Luckily, with a whole slew of available options and a knowledge base that actually makes sense with clear, detailed instructions, Golden Nugget does well in the support category.

In short, the Golden Nugget sportsbook is a great way for experienced sports bettors who already use and enjoy the Golden Nugget casino to pay into their VIP Rewards balance. It’s not particularly well suited for novice bettors, but boosted bets and decent promotions curb some of this difficulty.

Golden Nugget Review Verdict
Bottom Line
The Golden Nugget sportsbook pales in comparison to its sister casino, but still offers worthwhile promotions, a decent selection of markets, and the ability to make complex bets not seen on other platforms.
Mobile App
Web Platform
Pricing and Betting Options
User Experience
Deposits and Withdrawals
The Good
Rewards program is straightforward and worth checking out
Easy-to-secure welcome bonus with simple wagering requirements
Great selection of banking options
Ability to make complex accumulator bets is great for experienced bettors
The Bad
Messy interface uses too many overlapping tabs
Mobile app slow and at times fails to load
Betslip can be glitchy
Golden Nugget Sportsbook Bonus
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