24 Awesome Sports Betting Podcasts Worth Your Time

There’s dozens of sports betting podcasts out there to enjoy whenever you’ve got the time. The only problem is that some of them are interesting and insightful and some are…not worth your time. Of course, one size doesn’t fit all for sports wagering podcasts; some like humor, some like all-22 breakdowns, some like trends and social commentary, and many like a combination of all. These 23 podcasts listed below includes the Sports Handle crews’ favorite podcasts recommended for new bettors, sharps, and those seeking the most well-informed industry information. Some are new, others long-running, all of them in some way should improve your performance at legal mobile sportsbooks across the nation from Arizona to New York to Virginia.

Here they are in no particular order:

1) ‘Bet The Board’ with Payne Insider and Todd Fuhrman (Apple Podcasts and Spotify)

Payne is the professional bettor and Todd Fuhrman is the media guy/interviewer/former Las Vegas oddsmaker. Together they bring a ton of valuable insight — largely on the NFL and college football — covering match-ups, personnel, injuries, situational football (macro and micro), coaching, line movement, sharp and square positions and more. They deliver the goods (about an hour or 1:15 apiece) on Monday, Wednesday (college football podcast), and Thursdays during football season. The podcast is seasonal, so do not expect new episodes during the slower sports months. Be advised: there is usually one “best bet” per week but overall they don’t force action or drive anyone toward a side. It’s all about analysis and understanding the market. They’ve developed a great rapport and a loyal, growing following that’s much deserved based on the consistent quality of their podcasts.

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2) ‘You Better You Bet’ with Kostos and Locky (Apple Podcasts and Audacy)

You Better You Bet isn’t about X’s and O’s or big games; it’s a detailed breakdown of closing line value, key numbers, and other critical gambling information bettors ought to know for a deep roster of sports. It largely avoids the in-depth, personal life discussions of many other podcasts, but it’s two dynamic co-hosts still bring a lively charm. Co-host Nick Kostos, a long-term sports radio host, brings the passion of a die-hard fan with the pain of a long-term gambler. His brash, in-your-face opinions complement Ken “Locky Lockerson” Barkley, who counters with a more didactic tone that showcases all the insights of a veteran industry analyst. The pair merges deep dives on the latest lines with interviews spotlighting many of the nation’s most insightful sports betting figures. Hosted live each weekday from 4 to 8 p.m. EST on Audacy, the show is also available wherever you get your podcasts.

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3) ‘Daily Wager’ with Doug Kezirian (Apple Podcasts and ESPN)

Brought to you by ESPN Chalk and hosted by Doug Kezirian, the podcast is a “fast-paced daily companion podcast to ESPN’s television show of the same name, featuring many of the same names and voices, plus bonus Daily Wager Extra episodes around the biggest events and the biggest opportunities on the sports wagering calenda.

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4) ‘The Favorites’ with Chad Millman and Simon Hunter (Apple Podcasts)

The Action Network (Action) is a burgeoning sports media company that has been churning out quality podcasts for six-plus years now (Disclosure: Following Action’s acquisition in May 2021, Sports Handle and TAN are owned by the same company, Better Collective).

The Favorites, hosted by TAN Chief Content Officer Chad Millman along with co-host Simon Hunter, is one of the leading TAN offerings, a well-produced show with many high-profile guests. The Favorites may not have all the deep dives into stats and analytics featured in other podcasts, but if you like your gambling podcasts with a side of pop culture and random facts, be sure to check it out.

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5) ‘The Simple Handicap’ (Apple Podcasts)

Host Adam Chernoff gets right to the point, diving into the latest NFL line movements. His daily podcasts for RASPicks examine all the external factors going into each game that week, analyzing where the value lies and why the numbers are leaning one way or another. Each episode is just Adam riffing on NFL games and odds, and most are 15-20 minutes. If you’re into betting on the NFL, Adam’s podcast should be on your morning rotation.

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6)Vegas Insider Sports Betting Podcast (Apple Podcasts)

The VegasInsider Sports Betting Podcast is your home for the best thorough and current sports betting analysis in the podcasting industry.

VegasInsider has a team of hosts and handicappers that rotate throughout the week to discuss the different sports that they will be betting that week. VegasInsider has some of the most detailed content on the internet for any sports bettor to dig into and this podcast is no different. Be sure to subscribe to their podcast and give these guys a listen.

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7) ‘Beating the Book’ with Gill Alexander (Apple Podcasts)

Consistently cracking the Top 100 Sports Category chart on iTunes, Beating the Book host Gill Alexander covers a wide range of sports betting topics from the NFL, golf, college football to Alexander’s favorite, Major League Baseball. What drives him?  Helping sports bettors get better at their craft. 

Also a host on Vegas Stats & Information Network (VSiN), Alexander is regarded as an innovator for his use of sabermetrics in MLB handicapping. He provides an in-depth statistical analysis of sport betting competitions and gives his advanced unique betting strategies. If you want to number crunch and make informed wagers, tune in.

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8) ‘Cash Considerations Show’ with Dave Sharapan (Apple Podcasts and Stitcher)

If you haven’t listened to or followed Dave Sharapan (@sportsbkconsig) yet, stop what you’re doing, follow him on Twitter and download GT’s Cash Considerations podcast now. (And follow @GTCashConsider). Big Dave, a veteran oddsmaker from Pittsburgh, is joined by two of his good friends and fellow Las Vegas bookmakers, “Boston” Carl Hascall, and “Philly” Dan Neubert. Some may say three’s a crowd, but with Pittsburgh, Boston, and Philly, three is nothing but a party.

You’ll hear funny stories along with key insights for the week’s best plays that only people from behind the counter can bring you. With so much to discuss, their episodes routinely go over 90 minutes, making it perfect for a road trip. If that’s too long for you, use the episode’s summary and timestamps to find your favorite segment.

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9) ‘Gamble On’ with Eric Raskin and Jeff Edelstein (Apple Podcasts and US Bets)

A much more industry-focused podcast than the others on this list, Gamble On features veteran journalists Eric Raskin and Jeff Edelstein breaking down the biggest industry news in gambling — with an emphasis on sports betting. It’s a weekly that focuses on sports betting across the country. A pair with good chemistry welcomes guests ranging from media members to bookmakers to lawmakers to sports bettors before closing every episode by placing bets using a hypothetical payroll and trying to resist the lure of sucker parlay bets. It’s the perfect podcast if you’re looking for a mix of both the serious and lighter sides of sports betting.

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10) ‘Against All Odds’ with Cousin Sal (Apple Podcasts and Spotify)

Host “Cousin Sal” Iacono brings a weekly podcast that sounds more like sportsbook banter between friends than one of the world’s biggest gambling podcasts. Cousin Sal, alongside the “Degenerate Trifecta” of Sal, Brian “Brother Bri” Szokoli, and Darren “The Parlay Kid” Szokoli discuss their sports betting misadventures from the past week as well as the week to come with a self-deprecating wit that could only be honed through years of friendship and torn-up betting slips. 

Though the hosts focus on teasing each other over bad beats and tough losses, all bring surprisingly detailed analysis about not just big NFL or college games, but even WNBA, auto racing, tennis and nearly every other organized sporting event. Against All Odds now anchors Iacono’s new independent, gambling-focused Extra Points media site, and only offers episode snippets on its former host, The Ringer. New full episodes are still posted weekly at most major podcast providers where it remains one of the few pods that combines genuine betting analysis with gut-busting humor.

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11. ‘Bet the Process’ with Rufus Peabody and Jeff Ma (Apple Podcasts)

This podcast delivers a 1-2 punch of Jeff Ma, of MIT blackjack team fame, and widely respected professional sports bettor Rufus Peabody of, we suppose, of getting shafted at DraftKings Sports Betting National Championship fame. As the name implies, both men respect analytics as they cover sports betting from all angles. They handicap and analyze most major sports (especially football, college football and hoops, etc.), along with the industry at large. They also examine challenges for pro bettors, big news in U.S. sports betting regulation, and so on. Two smart guys and a sharp listen.

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12) Unabated Podcast (Apple Podcasts)

The Unabated Sports Podcast is hosted by Thomas Viola as Rufus Peabody, Captain Jack Andrews, and Peter Jennings discuss their favorite sides, angles, and where there is value for you to defeat the sportsbooks.

These guys also release a newsletter discussing any news and insights from some of the industry’s top “+ EV” bettors.

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13) The Action Network Sports Betting Podcast (Apple Podcasts and Stitcher)

The Action Network Podcast is TAN’s flagship podcast. (Full disclosure, again: Sports Handle and TAN are owned by the same company.) This award-winning podcast provides an insightful, interesting, relevant take on the week’s sports action. In fact, most weeks feature multiple episodes, each usually focused on an individual sport. Golf, NBA, and NFL are most prominently featured but other lower-profile sports such as the Kentucky Derby and even the Oscars are given in-depth treatment by the rotating cast of hosts and guests.

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14) ‘Deep Dive’ With Andy and the Whale (Apple Podcasts)

Drew Dinsick and Andy Molitor come together each week for a literal deep dive into NFL sports betting and analysis. The handicappers offer two podcasts per week, and you’ll want to be aboard during the NFL season especially. The episodes range from about 60-90 minutes and cover opening lines, game-by-game breakdowns, and their weekly betting cards. 

During the offseason, the podcast covers NFL betting previews, golf, baseball, and plenty of other sports.  Frequently bringing in guests from the industry, the podcast offers plenty of evergreen content covering betting math, modeling, and bookmaking.  The rapport between the two makes the relatively lengthy podcast very enjoyable — making the listener feel like they are sitting with a couple of friends talking sports.  Subscribe to this podcast for the in-depth NFL betting analysis and stay for a humorous hangout with sports betting friends. 

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15) ‘Be Better Bettors’ with Spanky (Apple Podcasts)

“Spanky” is a professional sports bettor. He is prolific on Twitter and highly regarded in the field. His podcast, Be Better Bettors, features his take on professional sports betting and often includes an interview with other professional bettors. His goal is to give listeners an inside look at how professional bettors operate and what it takes to both win consistently and how to navigate the often mysterious sports betting industry. He also goes over the most popular sports betting techniques, such as the top-down vs. bottom-up approach to handicapping, in an engaging way. His podcast is a must-listen for those interested in no-BS, sports betting real talk.

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16) ‘Hammer Dahn’ with Pat McAfee’s crew (Apple Podcasts)

Pat McAfee has parlayed a successful career as an NFL punter into an arguably even more successful career as a sports media personality. In Hammer Dahn, Pat and his gambling pals “Digs” and “Gumpy” (everyone has a nickname these days) break down the day in sports and gambling. The crew regularly engages with industry professionals and other entertaining guests. After some ribald discussion, they put the “Hammer Dahn” (down) on their favorite picks. Three episodes a week provide plenty of insight and entertainment to Pat’s large legion of listeners. 

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17) ‘Sports Gambling Podcast’ With Ryan Kramer and Sean Green (Apple Podcasts)

This one is brought to you by Sean “Stacking the Money” Green and Bryan “Real Money” Kramer who discuss picks, predictions, and insight on almost all sports, but love talking and discussing football. Viewer discretion is advised as the hosts tend to get a little rowdy, and off-topic, but what else do you expect when they’re from Philadelphia and New Jersey (but seriously viewer discretion is advised). Being opinionated and passionate sports fans, they tend to disagree when discussing the Philadelphia Eagles, and New York Giants. If you’re an avid NFL fan and gambler looking for NFL information, debates, picks, and even a few laughs, these two will be perfect for you. 

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18) ‘Even Money’ with Ross Tucker and Fezzik (Apple Podcasts and RT Media)

Here’s sports bettor Steve Fezzik with former NFL lineman-turned-media mogul Ross Tucker — the guy who makes this podcast unique. Tucker brings great insight based on his experience on the field and in the locker room. He can evaluate X’s and O’s matchups and has a good sense of the emotional toll of certain games, or of situations and travel. Tucker and Fezzik also grade their previous week’s picks and best bets (consensus) — a good way to keep honest and learn from misjudgments. The two have been going strong three or four years. This is a great option for those of you pressed for time: it’s a quick listen at about 25-30 minutes a pop.

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19) ‘SuperBook Sports Podcast’  (Apple Podcasts)

Some three-person podcasts don’t work because the people talk over each other. Pacing is critical in any multi-person podcast. SuperBook created a three-person podcast that works. Entertainer and comedian Brandt Tobler hosts this entertaining podcast, chatting with SuperBook oddsmakers Jay Kornegay and John Murray about the week’s betting action. Tobler does a great job managing the conversation, tossing questions to Jay and John and letting the conversation flow. His questions are insightful and interesting and Jay and John are fountains of information, enlightening the audience on which games hurt or helped the sportsbook. New podcasts are published each week, so the information might be dated, but these guys are experts who know their stuff.

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20) Establish The Run (Establish The Run or Spotify)

Host Adam Levitan dives deep into all aspects of the NFL. During the off-season he gets into other sports like NCAA basketball, but 90% of the content is NFL-related. Adam and his co-host Evan Silva spend time talking about each team, so you get more detailed content than other podcasts. If you are big into fantasy football and/or DFS, you should give Adam a listen. He will give you some information nuggets that you can’t find anywhere else. 

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21) Sharp Angles by Warren Sharp (Apple Podcasts)

Sharp Angles by Warren Sharp features Warren as well as his Sharp Football Analysis team of Fantasy Expert Rich Hribar and Prop Betting Expert TA Cleveland to discuss matchups, edges, and injuries for the upcoming slate of matchups in the NFL. These three approach their podcast from an analytical viewpoint diving into each facet of the game.

These three know the sport inside and out and are a great listen for any new or experienced NFL bettor.

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22) Circles Off (Apple Podcasts)

Circles Off gets right to the point. No flashy production or intro music. It’s just Rob and Johnny taking on the biggest sports topics of the day. They really take off when they go beyond the headlines and interview some of the top names in sports betting, diving into long-form discussions of the background and professional experience of some of the industry’s biggest players. The interviews are always interesting and usually provide some nuggets of insight on how to find an edge in sports betting and life.

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23) ‘BetQL Daily’ (formerly Bet Sweats) (Apple Podcasts and Audacy)

Combining betting previews with irreverent humor, BetQL Daily takes listeners through the ups and downs of sports wagering weekday mornings from 9 to noon ET. Hosted by Chicago sports talk radio veteran Joe Ostrowski, listeners can check out betting analysis – and a whole lot of playful ribbing – between Ostrowski, Joe Giglio, and Erin Hawksworth.

The show’s popular Best Bets segment highlights not just the day’s biggest events, but where the hosts think they (may) have an edge. The rest of the program covers betting angles on pro and college football, basketball and most other major sports, along with information for survivor pools, fantasy picks, value bets and much more. The hosts mix quick-hitting segments with interviews featuring some of the world’s top sports betting names, blending well-rounded commentary with a lighthearted tone.

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24) Captain Jack Andrews (YouTube Channel)

Jack Andrews has created an educational landscape for sports bettors with his YouTube channel boasting over 11.5 thousand subscribers and growing. Clearly looking to and overtly stating a desire to contribute to the long-term success of the legalized sports betting industry, Captain Jack provides an array of evergreen betting content as well as weekly videos with fellow industry peers.

He offers a wide variety of content including — but not limited to — sportsbook reviews, “5-ways” videos focused on improving your game, happy hours with industry names, and evergreen videos on sports betting skills. His “Making a Modeler” series offers a step-by-step tutorial on creating a betting model from the ground up with insight on its use. With an emphasis on process instead of picks, Captain Jack offers a warm and comfortable learning environment for newer or experienced bettors.  This is a must-subscribe for casual bettors looking to learn the nuances of sports betting from a veteran looking to help with industry growth.

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