Legal US Sports Betting Revenue, Handle And Tax Totals Since PASPA Repeal

The U.S. gambling industry, including casinos, lotteries, and daily fantasy sports sites, scored a monumental win in May 2018 when the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. That opened the floodgates to state-by-state legalization and regulation of sports betting.

Previously, single-game sports wagering was confined to the state of Nevada, and Las Vegas became the mecca of U.S. sports betting. However, legal sports wagering has expanded to more than 20 states and counting as of May 2020. The American Gaming Association previously estimated that sports bettors in the U.S. were wagering $150 billion annually, prior to the overturning of PASPA, yet only about $5 billion of that was happening legally — in Nevada.

Some states have legalized only brick and mortar (B&M) sportsbooks for now, while others have also permitted online/mobile wagering; demand has been enormous and some states have seen as much as 90% of all bets in the state placed via online/mobile.

Below is a look at reported figures by legal markets in the exploding U.S. market, now more than two years since PASPA fell. Keep in mind that some states report robust information regarding legal wagers, while in others, data is sparse.

Legal U.S. sports betting revenue figures

The following table shows the sports betting handle (total dollars wagered), sportsbook revenue (gross revenue produced by legal sportsbooks, collectively), hold percentage across all sportsbooks in the state (percentage of dollars wagered the sportsbooks “kept,” producing the revenue), and state taxes collected.

Details for each state follow in individual sections below. You can click on the state in the below table to go directly to that state’s section. Note that state taxes indicates only taxes that the state ultimately receives, excluding local municipal taxes and certain administrative fees. The figures date back to May 2018, the month that the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the 1992 federal ban on full-fledged sports wagering outside Nevada.

StateTotal HandleHold %Sportsbook RevenueState Taxes CollectedLegal Betting Start Date
Arkansas---July 2019
Colorado----May 2020
Delaware$270,183,97418.44%$49,822,115$18,735,296June 2018
District of Columbia----May 2020
Illinois----March 2020
Indiana$932,455,9968.10%$75,575,227$7,179,644September 2019
Iowa$355,295,7117.06%$25,096,375$1,746,166August 2019
Michigan$1,507,8297.00%$105,548$3,990March 2020
Mississippi$616,952,36810.88%$67,107,128$8,052,857August 2018
Montana----March 2020
New Hampshire$59,050,5357.71%$4,553,892$2,054,455December 2019
New Jersey$7,219,456,0316.78%$489,790,860$59,082,696June 2018
New Mexico----October 2018
New York$142,901,2017.00%$9,646,698$964,671June 2019
Oregon$108,052,2407.50%$8,107,873-August 2019
Pennsylvania$2,4407583587.17%/5.28%$128,794,715$43,790,205November 2018
Rhode Island$323,618,9207.81%$25,282,046$12,893,340November 2018
West Virginia$378,967,9858.10%$30,683,648$2,593,593August 2018
Note 1: Sportsbooks actively operating legally in the following jurisdictions do not, or have not yet, reported handle or revenue figures: AR, CO, IL, MT, NM, Washington D.C.
Note 2: Handle and hold figures for MI and NY are currently estimates for illustrative purposes, using a rough industry average hold percentage of 7; the figures in those states figures are not yet reported.

Delaware sports betting totals

Delaware market snapshot

The First State was actually among four states (including Nevada, Oregon, and Montana that had limited sports wagering “grandfathered” under PASPA, allowing the Delaware Lottery to offer NFL parlay betting even after Congress passed the ban. Once PASPA was struck down, Delaware beat New Jersey to the punch, accepting the first straight bet outside Nevada on June 5, 2018. Online sports betting is not yet legal in the state.

MonthNumber of Casinos (Number Online)Total HandleHold PercentageSportsbook RevenueState Taxes
Jun-183 (0 Mobile)$7,003,72514.28%$1,000,247$437,608
Jul-183 (0 Mobile)$8,214,7656.42%$527,140$230,613
Aug-183 (0 Mobile)$8,018,35412.32%$987,494$411,189
Sep-183 (0 Mobile)$23,257,96533.57%$7,807,511$2,985,981
Oct-183 (0 Mobile)$21,231,42712.09%$2,565,956$820,297
Nov-183 (0 Mobile)$24,206,09010.35%$2,505,848$804,169
Dec-183 (0 Mobile)$23,419,53924.81%$5,810,006$2,136,111
Jan-193 (0 Mobile)$14,130,06919.02%$2,687,370$1,047,421
19-Feb3 (0 Mobile)$8,709,2057.08%($616,340)($237,586)
19-Mar3 (0 Mobile)$10,483,12817.92%$1,879,046$822,082
Apr-193 (0 Mobile)$6,088,18311.56%$703,739$307,886
May-193 (0 Mobile)$5,920,7667.84%$464,333$203,147
Jun-193 (0 Mobile)$6,325,4648.43%$533,378$233,353
Jul-193 (0 Mobile)$3,920,97414.79%$579,897$253,705
Aug-193 (0 Mobile)$4,745,74712.35%$586,057$246,553
Sep-193 (0 Mobile)$18,781,40631.84%$5,979,876$2,212,821
Oct-193 (0 Mobile)$16,066,02328.89%$4,640,776$1,694,389
Nov-193 (0 Mobile)$16,850,85425.13%$4,235,147$1,507,324
Dec-193 (0 Mobile)$20,466,56120.40%$4,174,861$1,486,060
Jan 203 (0 Mobile)$11,187,01122.59%$2,527,312$997,990
Feb 203 (0 Mobile)$7,279,6505.64%-$410,666-$151,560
March 203 (0 Mobile)$3,877,06816.85%$653,127$285,743
Note: Delaware’s reported sports betting numbers are a combination of its three sportsbooks and sports lottery retailers who are permitted to offer only NFL parlay tickets.
  • Date legalized: Immediately upon PASPA getting struck down, based on state’s existing laws.
  • Delaware legal B&M sportsbooks first launched: June 2018
  • Delaware online/mobile sportsbooks launched: Not currently legal
  • Regulator: Delaware Lottery
  • Biggest monthly handle to date: $24.2 million (Nov. 2018)
  • Number of brick-and-mortar sportsbooks operating: 3
  • Number of online sportsbooks operating: 0
  • Leading sportsbooks: For all three sportsbooks in the state, Scientific Games operates systems and software, while William Hill manages oddsmaking/risk-management.
  • Tax rate on sportsbook operators: Delaware uses a revenue-sharing arrangement that gives 12.5% to Scientific Games, and the remaining amount is divided between the state (50%) and casinos that take the wagers (40%). The remaining 10% is taken out to support the state’s horse tracks.

Illinois sports betting totals

Illinois market snapshot

The first brick-and-mortar sportsbook launched on March 9 at the Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, followed by the Argosy Casino Alton on March 12. The Illinois enabling legislation for sports betting requires in-person registration for online betting accounts. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down casinos, Gov. J.B. Pritzker suspended that requirement indefinitely on June 4, 2020, allowing the first Illinois sportsbook to go online — the BetRivers sportsbook through Rivers Casino. Casinos are scheduled to open back up, with various restrictions, on July 1.

As of late June 2020, the state gaming board has not reported any handle or revenue figures.

  • Date legalized: June 28, 2019
  • Legal Indiana B&M sportsbooks first launched: March 9, 2020
  • Legal lllinois mobile sportsbooks first launched: June 18, 2020
  • Regulator: Illinois Gaming Board
  • Biggest monthly handle to date: N/A
  • Number of B&M sportsbooks operating: 2
  • Number of online sportsbooks operating: 1
  • Leading sportsbooks (revenue and/or handle): N/A
  • Tax rate on sportsbook operators: 15%

Indiana sports betting totals

Indiana market snapshot

The first brick-and-mortar sportsbooks launched shortly before the 2019 football seasons and online sportsbooks shortly thereafter. Betting handle steadily grew to nearly $200 million per month (before COVID-19 shut down sports) and alongside it, as more sportsbooks came online, the percentage of legal wagers placed via mobile devices/online increased to roughly 80%.  The Hoosier State is an open, competitive marketplace that we expect will continue to flourish.

MonthNumber of Casinos (Number Online)Total HandleMobile Handle DollarsMobile Handle PercentageHold PercentageSportsbook RevenueState Taxes
Sep-1914 (0 Mobile)$35,215,416$0.000.00%24.30%$8,558,974$813,103
Oct-1914 (3 Mobile)$91,697,393$48,014,32052.36%12.58%$11,538,533$1,096,160
Nov-1915 (3 Mobile)$147,276,915$96,205,37565.32%6.31%$9,298,552$883,361
Dec-1915 (4 Mobile)$161,808,925$110,574,67768.34%7.41%$11,989,909$1,139,041
January 202015 (4 Mobile)$170,813,254$123,372,84572.09%7.53%$12,861,015$1,221,797
Feb 202015 (5 Mobile)$187,186,223$145,893,33377.94%5.90%$11,092,752$1,053,811
March 202015 (6 Mobile)$74,818,802$60,797,61481.26%7.30%$5,495,640$522,085
April 202015 (7 Mobile)$26,304,128$26,304,128100.00%5.93%$1,559,884$148,189
May 202015 (8 Mobile)$37,334,940$37,334,940100.00%8.52%$3,179,968$302,097
  • Date legalized: May 8, 2019
  • Legal Indiana B&M sportsbooks first launched: Sept. 1, 2019
  • Legal Indiana mobile sportsbooks first launched: Oct. 3, 2019
  • Regulator: Indiana Gaming Commission
  • Biggest monthly handle to date: $187.2 million (Feb. 2020)
  • Number of B&M sportsbooks operating: 14
  • Number of online sportsbooks operating: 7
  • Leading sportsbooks (revenue and/or handle): FanDuel Sportsbook, BetRivers
  • Tax rate on sportsbook operators: 9.5% for both.

Iowa sports betting totals

Iowa market snapshot

Iowa was one of fastest moving states ifrom legalization to launch, needing only three months. State sportsbooks launched retail and mobile on the same day. The caveat in Iowa is the requirement that patrons register in person to open mobile accounts — a requirement that sunsets in Jan. 2021. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Iowa handle grew steadily, reaching a peak of $59 million in November and December of 2019. Should college football and the NFL kick off as scheduled in the fall, Iowa sports betting should bounce back.

MonthNumber of Casinos (Number Online)Total HandleMobile HandleMobile Handle PercentageHold PercentageSportsbook RevenueState Taxes
Aug-1913 (7 Mobile)$8,576,341$3,670,44642.80%25.21%$2,161,807$145,915
Sep-1915 (7 Mobile)$38,545,352$21,810,31656.58%12.87%$4,959,745$334,780
Oct-1918 (7 Mobile)$46,500,331$25,923,74855.75%12.17%$5,658,131$381,379
Nov-1918 (9 Mobile)$59,344,806$33,665,75256.73%6.07%$3,599,750$242,903
Dec-1919 (10 Mobile)$59,258,838$33,450,31856.45%4.90%$2,904,257$198,872
Jan-2019 (10 Mobile)$58,027,141$33,846,09558.30%5.50%$3,234,794$223,571
Feb-2019 (10 Mobile)$56,920,783$37,786,87266.30%1.30%$755,334$97,962
Mar-2019 (10 Mobile)$19,576,985$13,316,06868.00%5.90%$1,171,164$79,171
Apr-2019 (12 Mobile)$1,568,497$1,568,497100.00%9.60%$150,331$9,502
May-2019 (13 Mobile)$6,976,637$6,976,637100.00%7.18%$501,062$32,111
  • Date legalized:  May 13, 2019
  • Iowa legal B&M sportsbooks first launched:  Aug. 15, 2019
  • Iowa legal online/mobile sportsbooks first launched: Aug. 15, 2019
  • Regulator: Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission
  • Biggest monthly handle to date: $59.3 million (Nov. 2019)
  • Number of brick-and-mortar sportsbooks operating:  18
  • Number of online sportsbooks operating: 13
  • Leading sportsbooks (revenue and/or handle): William Hill at Prairie Meadows Racetrack & Casino (and online)
  • Tax rate on sportsbook operators: 6.75% on gross revenue

Michigan sports betting totals

Michigan market snapshot

Sports betting is now legal in the great state of Michigan. After a surprising veto by outgoing Governor Rick Snyder in December 2018 of a bill that had bipartisan support, lawmakers were able to seal the deal with Snyder’s successor Gretchen Whitmer in December 2019. Sports betting is allowed at all three of Detroit’s casinos, and legislators were able to work in tandem with tribes across the Great Lakes State — sports betting should be available throughout the state once the COVID-19 pandemic recedes. Mobile/online sports betting may come to the tribes before it does to Motown, but the state’s gaming control board is actively facilitating the process.

MonthNumber of Casinos (Number Online)Total HandleMobile Handle PercentageHold PercentageSportsbook RevenueState Taxes
March 20203 (0)$1,507,829*0$105,548$3,990
April 20203 (0)-----
May 20203 (0)---
Note: Numbers for March 2020 represent a limited number of days. MGM Grand Detroit and Greektown began accepting RSB wagers on 3/11/2020 at 1:00 pm, and MotorCity on 3/12/2020 at 10:00 am. Operations then stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Date legalized:  Dec. 13, 2019.
  • Michigan legal retail sportsbooks first launched: March 11, 2020
  • Michigan legal mobile sportsbooks first launched: Not yet.
  • Regulator: Michigan Gaming Control Board
  • Biggest monthly handle to date: No figures available yet
  • Number of brick-and-mortar sportsbooks operating: 3
  • Number of online sportsbooks operating: None yet – regulations to be finalized in late 2020.
  • Tax rate on sportsbook operators: 3.78% on gross revenue

Mississippi sports betting totals

Mississippi market snapshot

Mississippi was one of a handful of states able to offer legal sports betting without passing new legislation, having preemptively legalized in 2019, contingent upon federal law changing (which it did). The state gaming commission oversees commercial casinos, and there are also a handful of tribal venues. But Mississippi is viewed in the industry as a somewhat untapped market — statewide mobile isn’t legal, so betting is limited to on site.

MonthNumber of Regions Total HandleHold PercentageSportsbook RevenueState Taxes
Aug-18(3 Regions)$6,270,15210.29%$645,057$77,407
Sep-18(3 Regions)$31,770,27017.32%$5,503,793$660,455
Oct-18(3 Regions)$32,837,3343.59%$1,178,343$141,401
Nov-18(3 Regions)$44,499,8833.76%$1,674,250$200,910
Dec-18(3 Regions)$41,762,04814.78%$6,174,224$740,907
Jan-19(3 Regions)$35,190,7747.94%$2,793,238$335,189
Feb-19(3 Regions)$25,148,13510.96%$2,756,439.00$330,773
Mar-19(3 Regions)$32,421,26415.11%$4,898,726$587,847
Apr-19(3 Regions)$19,188,76310.72%$2,057,834$246,940
May-19(3 Regions)$17,438,2886.84%$1,191,967 $143,036
Jun-19(3 Regions)$15,190,66610.70%$1,625,113$195,014
Jul-19(3 Regions)$13,383,3837.87%$1,053,776$126,453
Aug-19(3 Regions)$19,876,37014.51%$2,884,348$346,122
Sep-19(3 Regions)$37,870,98914.87%$5,631,583$675,790
Oct-19(3 Regions)$48,019,48125.60%$12,295,357$1,475,443
Nov-19(3 Regions)$56,369,0366.71%$3,784,071$454,089
Dec-19(3 Regions)$49,076,4337.09%$3,478,919$417,470
Jan-20(3 Regions)$45,190,37110.26%$4,637,966$556,555
Feb-20(3 Regions)$34,462,8226.11%$2,105,780$252,694
Mar-20(3 Regions)$10,749,4036.03%$648,647$77,838
April-20(3 Regions)$00.00%$0.00$0.00
May-20(3 Regions)$236,50337.08%$87,697$10,524
Total:$616,952,36810.88%$67,107,128 $8,052,857
  • Date legalized:  Immediately upon PASPA getting struck down, based on state’s pre-existing laws.
  • Mississippi legal retail sportsbooks first launched: Aug. 1, 2018
  • Mississippi legal mobile sportsbooks first launched: Not applicable — no statewide mobile
  • Regulator: Mississippi Gaming Commission
  • Biggest monthly handle to date: $56.4 million (Nov. 2019)
  • Number of brick-and-mortar sportsbooks operating: 29
  • Number of online sportsbooks operating: None – law permits wagering only on casino premises
  • Tax rate on sportsbook operators: 12% on gross revenue

Nevada sport betting totals

Nevada market snapshot

Nevada has had legal sports betting since 1949, but lags behind more recent entries by requiring in-person registration for mobile accounts. Blame this on hospitality — many large resorts house sportsbooks and want to see patrons walk through the door and spend money on food or other gaming while registering for an account. New Jersey topped Nevada in handle just in May 2019, less than one year after New Jersey sportsbooks took their first bets. New Jersey has remote registration, and mobile handle accounts for more than 80% of the total.

MonthNumber of Sportsbooks (Number Online)Total HandleMobile Handle (Reporting began in Jan. 2020)Mobile Handle %Hold PercentageSportsbook RevenueState Taxes
Jan-20191 (15)$502,543,631$245,820,56848.92%4.01%$20,152,000$1,360,260
Feb-20191 (15)$491,782,946$218,722,46644.58%7.74%$38,064,000$2,569,320
Mar-20191 (15)$141,165,049$88,927,73863.00%1.03%$1,454,000$98,145
Apr-20*191 (15)------
May-20*191 (15)
*Nevada regulators redacted April and May 2020 sports betting numbers------
*Note: Because NV only started reporting mobile handle figures in Jan. 2020, the “mobile %” column indicates the percentage since such reporting began, not a percentage of the lifetime total handle since June ’18.
  • Date legalized: 1949
  • Nevada legal retail sportsbooks first launched: In 1975, Jackie Gaughan opened the first sportsbook inside a casino at the Union Plaza in 1975, per Las Vegas Advisor.
  • Nevada legal mobile sportsbooks first launched: 2010 via smartphone, but dating back to 2001 via intranet
  • Regulator: Nevada Gaming Control Board
  • Biggest monthly handle to date: $614.1 million (November 2019)
  • Number of brick-and-mortar sportsbooks operating: 191
  • Leading sportsbooks (revenue and/or handle): William Hill, Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook
  • Tax rate on sportsbook operators: 6.75%

New Hampshire sports betting totals

New Hampshire market snapshot

New Hampshire legalized sports betting and appeared headed toward offering an open, competitive marketplace, as the enabling legislation permits up to 10 unique online sportsbooks. However, after the request-for-proposal phase, the New Hampshire Lottery opted to give DraftKings Sportsbook a monopoly on both retail and mobile sports betting. DraftKings offered the state a sweet deal on tax revenue to get the monopoly, but bettors now only have a single option. DraftKings launched its mobile app in late December 2019, and handle reached a high of $22 million before sports went on hiatus due to the COVID-19 crisis. The state collects a hefty 51% of gross gaming revenue as part of a deal for DraftKings to be the only operator in the state.

MonthNumber of Casinos (Number Online)Total HandleMobile Handle PercentageHold PercentageSportsbook RevenueState Taxes
Dec-191 (1)$360,726100.00%12.41%$44,759$19,403
Jan-201 (1)$16,834,974100.00%9.76%$1,643,793$713,311
Feb-201 (1)$22,130,928100.00%6.14%$1,359,395$613,679
Mar-201 (1)$8,768,769100.00%9.34%$818,605$394,229
Apr-201 (1)$3,774,688100.00%6.95%$262,393$126,090
May-201 (1)$7,180,450100.00%5.92%$424,947$187,743
  • Date legalized:  July 12, 2019
  • New Hampshire B&M sportsbooks launched: Several municipalities have voted to permit physical sportsbooks at certain locations; none of yet opened
  • New Hampshire legal mobile sportsbook first launched: Dec. 30, 2019
  • Regulator: New Hampshire Lottery
  • Biggest monthly handle to date: $22.1 million (Feb. 2020)
  • Number of brick-and-mortar sportsbooks operating: None yet
  • Number of online sportsbooks operating: 1 — (DraftKings currently has agreement granting it exclusivity)
  • Coming soon: The NH Lottery is in the planning phases for sports betting lottery retail locations, however none are yet live as of June 26, 2020.
  • Tax rate on sportsbook operator: Revenue sharing arrangement gives the state 51% of DraftKings’ gross revenue.

New Jersey sports betting totals

Every other “legal” state owes a debt of gratitude to New Jersey, which led the fight against PASPA and finally claimed victory in 2018. Very quickly after the Supreme Court ruling, New Jersey passed its new law formally legalizing sports betting and establishing rules and regulations. New Jersey’s open, competitive market has proved a huge success and a model for other states. After only two years, the Garden State has established itself as a friendly rival to Nevada in both market size and sportsbook innovation. New Jersey sportsbook lounges are open at many Atlantic City casinos, while the most popular sportsbook is a FanDuel lounge at the Meadowlands Racetrack adjacent to MetLife Stadium, about eight miles from New York City.

MonthTotal HandleMobile Handle DollarsMobile Handle PercentageHold PercentageSportsbook RevenueState Taxes

New Jersey market snapshot

  • Date legalized: June 11, 2018
  • New Jersey legal retail sportsbooks first launchedJune 14, 2018
  • New Jersey legal mobile sportsbooks first launched: Aug. 8, 2019
  • Regulator: New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE)
  • Biggest monthly handle to date: $562,675,543 (Nov. 2019)
  • Number of brick-and-mortar sportsbooks operating: 10
  • Number of online sportsbooks operating: 15
  • Leading sportsbooks (revenue and/or handle): FanDuel Sportsbook, DraftKings Sportsbook
  • Fun fact: As of June 2020, NJ is the only state so far that has more than 80 percent of its handle from mobile/online wagers.
  • Tax rates on operators: 13% for online, 8.5% for land-based betting revenue

New York sports betting totals

It’s complicated. An economic/gaming law passed in 2013 preemptively approved land-based sportsbooks at upstate casinos. Lawmakers have made repeated efforts to pass a new law allowing mobile/online betting, however Gov. Andrew Cuomo and some officials have maintained that a ballot referendum is required to permit online sports betting, owing to language in the state constitution. Lawmakers have explored workarounds connected to the state budget. It’s a work in progress. It’s inevitable, but ultimately, online sports betting may not arrive in New York until 2022-2023.

MonthNumber of Casinos (Number Online)Estimated Total HandleEstimate hold Percentage*Sportsbook RevenueState Taxes
Jul-192 (0)$4,992,4007.00%$349,468$34,947
Aug-194 (0)$11,830,7437.00%$828,152$82,815
Sep-194 (0)$32,626,6437.00%$2,283,865$228,387
Oct-194 (0)$31,903,2437.00%$2,233,227$223,323
Nov-194 (0)$18,689,9437.00%$1,308,296$130,830
Dec-194 (0)$11,148,8297.00%$780,418$78,042
Jan-204 (0)$27,762,1577.00%$1,943,351$194,335
Feb-204 (0)$2,565,6147.00%-$179,593-$17,959
Mar-204 (0)$1,421,6297.00%$99,514$9,951
Apr-204 (0)$07.00%$0$0
May-204 (0)--
Note: The New York state sports betting totals reflect only the four commercial casinos operating retail sportsbooks. The three tribal-run casinos operating retail sportsbooks are not required to report figures to the NYS Gaming Commission.

New York market snapshot

  • Legalization date: Sportsbook lounges at upstate casinos were preemptively legalized in 2013; rules and regulations were created post-PASPA
  • New York legal retail sportsbooks first launched: July 16, 2019
  • New York legal mobile sportsbooks first launched: Not yet legal/applicable
  • Regulator: New York State Gaming Commission
  • Biggest monthly handle to date: We can only estimate at this point. Sometime during the 2019 football seasons. Sportsbooks generated the most revenue these months and the state collected most taxes from legal books.
  • Number of brick-and-mortar sportsbooks operating: 7 (four commercial and three tribal)
  • Number of online sportsbooks operating: 0
  • Tax rate on sportsbook operators: 10% on land-based revenue

Oregon sports betting totals

Oregonians can bet on professional sports online via the Lottery’s ScoreBoard app or in person at the Chinook Winds casino sportsbooks. Oregon was one of four states that were grandfathered in under PASPA to have sports betting, and the Lottery took advantage by developing ScoreBoard, which was its first foray into an online business. The tribe that owns the Chinook Winds Casino was allowed to reopen its compact with the state to add sports betting, but not all tribes are in the same situation. There is no tax rate on sports betting in Oregon, per se, as the Lottery is a state-run venture and states cannot “tax” tribal gaming.

MonthNumber of Casinos (Number Online)Total HandleMobile Handle PercentageHold PercentageSportsbook RevenueState Taxes
Oct-191 (1)$5,605,244100%3.93%$220,396-
Nov-191 (1)$17,115,416100%5.61%$960,714-
Dec-191 (1)$22,551,453100%7.73%$1,743,231-
Jan-201 (1)$21,151,604100%8.39%$1,773,757-
Feb-201 (1)$20,899,825100%7.09%$1,481,197-
Mar-201 (1)$9,007,860100%10.41%$937,750-
Apr-201 (1)$4,430,648100%8.86%$392,767
May-201 (1)$7,290,190100%8.20%$598,061

Oregon market snapshot

Note: Sportsbook revenue returns to the Oregon Lottery and represent taxes; from this sum, the Lottery pays its sole supplier SB Tech a revenue share and certain fixed costs and access fee and payments to SB Tech’s suppliers, plus there are administrative costs. Ultimately it’s unclear how small a fraction the Lottery is deriving from the ScoreBoard proceeds.
  • Legalization date: Immediately upon PASPA getting struck down, based on state’s existing laws.
  • Oregon legal retail sportsbooks first launched: Aug. 27, 2019
  • Oregon legal mobile sportsbooks first launched: Oct. 16, 2019
  • Regulator: Oregon Lottery
  • Biggest monthly handle to date: $22,551,453 (Dec. 2019)
  • Number of brick-and-mortar sportsbooks operating: 1 (with MGM recently announcing what will be a second in partnership with Spirit Mountain Casino)
  • Number of online sportsbooks operating: 1
  • Leading sportsbooks (revenue and/or handle): Oregon Lottery’s own app
  • Tax rate on sportsbook operators: N/A

Pennsylvania sports betting totals

Pennsylvania was an early mover in terms of making sports betting legal — it did so nearly seven months before PASPA was overturned, but the road to offering live sports betting was long. At this point, Pennsylvania is among the nation’s more robust markets and and offers consumers multiple options both online and in person.

MonthNumber of Casino Sportsbooks (Number Online)Total HandleMobile Handle DollarsMobile Handle PercentageHold Percentage (Pre/Post Promotional)***Sportsbook Revenue*State Taxes**
Nov-181 (0 Mobile)$1,414,587$00.00%35.98%$508,997$173,059
Dec-183 (0 Mobile)$16,173,090$00.00%12.41%$2,007,592$682,581
Jan-196 (0 Mobile)$32,011,839$00.00%8.14%$2,607,215$886,453
Feb-196 (0 Mobile)$31,500,742$00.00%6.18%$1,946,817$661,918
Mar-198 (0 Mobile)$44,527,575$00.00%12.40%$5,519,340$1,876,576
Apr-198 (0 Mobile)$36,769,145$00.00%11.48%$4,221,482$1,435,304
May-198 (1 Mobile)$35,934,215$573,1631.60%7.96%$2,861,852$973,030
Jun-198 (3 Mobile)$46,334,244$19,326,22041.71%6.75%/4.44%$2,056,819$699,319
Jul-199 (4 Mobile)$59,331,959$38,998,64865.73%8.55%/4.81%$2,852,137$969,727
Aug-199 (4 Mobile)$109,038,051$83,209,31776.31%9.07%/5.61%$6,115,016$2,079,106
Sep-1911 (5 Mobile)$194,504,622$158,154,36181.31%9.94%/7.65%$14,888,872$5,062,216
Oct-1912 (5 Mobile)$241,186,066$198,688,26982.38%7.93%/6.20%$14,948,249$5,082,405
Nov-1912 (7 Mobile)$316,468,264$266,740,91984.29%6.50%/4.65%$14,720,686$5,005,033
Dec-1912 (8 Mobile)$342,560,389$297,445,04586.83%5.10%/3.32%$11,374,482$3,867,324
Jan-2012 (8 Mobile)$348,381,708$308,605,69088.58%9.07%/6.56%$22,841,192$7,766,005
Feb-2012 (9 Mobile)$329,765,782$294,127,50389.19%3.47%/1.43%$4,722,252$1,605,566
Mar-2013 (9 Mobile)$131,330,059$118,332,82290.10%6.55%/5.25%$6,889,255$2,342,347
Apr-2013 (9 Mobile)$46,015,988$46,015,988100.00%6.96%/6.27%$2,883,471$980,380
May-2013 (9 Mobile)$77,510,033$77,510,033100.00%7.64%/6.23%$4,828,989$1,641,586
Note 1: Pennsylvania’s hold is separated into pre-hold and post-hold based on available gross revenue totals compiled before promotions are taken into account.
Note 2: Pennsylvania’s taxable gross revenue is determined by post-promotion totals.
Note 3: Pennsylvania’s tax revenue does not include the 2% local tax assessment, it is 34% of post-promotion gross revenues.

Pennsylvania market snapshot

  • Legalization date: Oct. 31, 2017
  • Legal B&M sportsbooks first launched: Nov. 15, 2018
  • Legal PA online/mobile sportsbooks first launched: May 31, 2019
  • Regulator: Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board
  • Biggest monthly handle to date: $348.4 million (Jan. 2020)
  • Number of brick-and-mortar sportsbooks operating: 12
  • Number of online sportsbooks operating: 8
  • Leading sportsbooks (revenue and/or handle): FanDuel, BetRivers
  • Tax rate on sportsbook operators: 34% plus 2% local tax.

Rhode Island sports betting totals

Rhode Island was quick to legalize sports betting after PASPA fell, but there’s no competition in the market — the state Lottery is the regulator and has a monopoly. Sports betting is available in person at two casinos, and online through a William Hill-run platform associated with both Twin River and Tiverton casino. The deal for the casinos is that they pay the state 51% of gross gaming revenue, while the state provides more support and equipment than regulators do in other states. Essentially, the casinos and online books are Lottery outposts.

MonthNumber of Casinos (Number Online)Total HandleMobile HandleMobile Handle PercentageHold PercentageSportsbook RevenueState Taxes
Nov-181 (0 Mobile)$682,7140010.69%$72,997$37,228
Dec-182 (0 Mobile)$13,087,999007.32%$957,913$488,536
Jan-192 (0 Mobile)$19,051,125000.84%$159,978$81,589
Feb-192 (0 Mobile)$20,686,61800-4.31%($890,623)($454,218)
Mar-192 (0 Mobile)$23,582,716006.57%$1,548,230$789,597
Apr-192 (0 Mobile)$16,859,8180011.69%$1,970,110$1,004,756
May-192 (0 Mobile)$18,900,152004.76%$899,165$458,574
Jun-192 (0 Mobile)$14,736,6670014.59%$2,149,999$1,096,499
Jul-192 (0 Mobile)$8,321,947009.94%$827,579$422,065
19-Aug2 (0 Mobile)$10,060,066008.47%$851,788$434,412
Sep-192 (1 Mobile)$22,195,789$3,292,63614.83%11.34%$2,516,060$1,283,190
Oct-192 (1 Mobile)$28,281,025$5,862,60320.73%8.69%$2,457,137$1,253,139
Nov-192 (1 Mobile)$31,465,062$8,353,40926.55%8.73%$2,745,518$1,400,214
Dec-192 (1 Mobile)$31,670,511$8,751,00427.63%8.12%2,571,755$1,311,595
Jan-202 (1 Mobile)$26,939,692$7,798,84428.94%12.17%$3,279,2411,672,413
Feb-202 (1 Mobile)$28,147,862$8,465,93030.07%8.25%2,323,4321,184,950
Mar-202 (1 Mobile)$8,949,157$3,064,73634.24%9.40%841,767429,301
Apr-202 (1 Mobile)
May-202 (1 Mobile)
Note: Rhode Island’s cumulative mobile handle percentage is based on total dollars (retail and mobile) wagered in legal markets.

Rhode Island market snapshot

  • Legalization date: June 22, 2018
  • Legal B&M sportsbooks first launched: Nov. 26, 2018
  • Legal mobile sportsbooks first launched: Sept. 4, 2019
  • Regulator: Rhode Island Lottery
  • Biggest monthly handle to date: $31.7 million (Dec. 2019)
  • Number of B&M sportsbooks operating: 2
  • Number of online sportsbooks operating: 1 (William Hill-powered app)
  • Tax rate on sportsbook operators: Rhode Island uses a revenue-sharing model that splits revenue between state (51%), tech supplier IGT (32%) and oddsmaker/risk-manager William Hill (17%).

West Virginia sports betting totals

West Virginia market snapshot

West Virginia is another state that legalized in anticipation of the fall of PASPA, but it did so with lots of plot twists and intrigue. Gov. Jim Justice is a part-owner of The Greenbrier Resort, which hosts a PGA Tournament and now offers retail and digital sports betting. Justice pushed for a payout (“integrity fee“) to the leagues to no avail. The state’s first digital sportsbook went live in December 2018, only to be shut down ahead of March Madness in 2019 due to a contract dispute. After the rocky start, three mobile books are currently operating.

MonthTotal HandleMobile Handle PercentageHold PercentageSportsbook RevenueState Taxes Collected
Sept 19$25,620,07736.67%15.88%$3,926,530$319,240
Jan 2020$35,398,39755.76%6.22%$2,203,189$187,271
Feb 2020$48,474,16866.66%1.69%$821,614$69,837
Mar 202014,705,30069.58%7.49%$1,101,387$93,623
April 20201,901,698100.00%6.54%124,416$10,575
May 2020$6,035,532100.00%9.47%$571,886$48,606

  • Legalization date:  March 2, 2018
  • West Virginia legal retail sportsbooks first launched: Aug. 30, 2018
  • West Virginia legal mobile sportsbooks first launched: Aug. 26, 2019
  • Regulator: West Virginia Lottery
  • Biggest monthly handle to date: $48.5 million (Feb. 2020)
  • Number of brick-and-mortar sportsbooks operating: 5
  • Number of online sportsbooks operating: 3
  • Tax rate on sportsbook operators: 10%