SuperBook Online Sportsbook Review & Promo Codes

SuperBook, one of first and largest bookmakers in the country, is expanding into new markets. SuperBook jumped at the chance to offer sports betting in Colorado as soon as it was possible, offering action on a multitude of popular sports to legal bettors in the Centennial State. Now, having begun its U.S. expansion, the opportunities are endless for SuperBook. Below is our complete review of its online sports betting platform.

In which states is SuperBook online sportsbook available?

SuperBook first opened in Las Vegas in 1993, quickly establishing itself as a brick-and-mortar betting power. However, for legal reasons the brand was unable to grow to new states. PASPA, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, handcuffed sports betting operators for two and a half decades before being overturned by the Supreme Court in the summer of 2018. Its downfall gave SuperBook the green light to launch its mobile sports betting app and begin expansion to new states.

Currently, bettors can legally access the SuperBook online sportsbook in Colorado, with New Jersey on the way. A mobile-only version is also available in Nevada, with more states set to follow soon.

StateBonusCasino PartnerLaunch Date
ColoradoTBAThe Lodge Casino2020

Key differences between state markets for SuperBook

For the most part the SuperBook app functions equally well in each state. However, there are small differences in the way you access these apps and how you can bet that are dictated by local laws.

  • In Nevada, users can only access SuperBook through the app for iOS or Android; there is no desktop version.
  • Nevada users will find the SuperBook app on the app store branded as Westgate Sports.
  • Users betting with the SuperBook sportsbook app in Nevada must register their account in-person at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino.
  • Colorado law prohibits making prop bets on collegiate sports, so these wagers will be unavailable if you’re playing in CO.

SuperBook bonus package

SuperBook is still in the process of finalizing its welcome package. Typically, an online sportsbook will offer welcome bonuses that come in a few forms. Some common types of welcome offers are:

  • “Risk-free” bets that allow new users to place an initial “risk-free” wager after making a qualifying deposit. If it loses, the initial wager will be refunded to the bettors account, usually in the form of a credit/bonus cash. It’s not 100% “risk-free”, as you do need to pony up a first deposit and you can still lose that money on follow up wagers, but it does protect you from wiping out your wallet on your first bet.
  • Deposit match bonuses in which the sportsbook operator will match the amount of your first deposit up to a certain amount. In most cases, users will need to meet wagering requirements and bet the amount of the bonus a few times before they can withdraw the free money. For example, there may be a $500 match bonus with a 10x wagering requirement, meaning you must wager $5,000 after making an initial deposit of $500. After the wagering requirement is complete, the free bonus money can be withdrawn.
  • Free bets can be used to wager completely for free. Sometimes they are awarded after simply creating an account, no deposit required. Some free bets may require a deposit. Either way, free bets are a great source of value.

SuperBook’s promotions page indicates that there will be bonuses and a potential welcome offer coming soon, so keep an eye out. We will update once the offers are made public.

SuperBook online sportsbook basics

It’s important to note that all legal online casinos and sportsbooks in the U.S. are region locked. That means that you must download the GeoComply plugin to your desktop computer or enable location services for the app on your smart device in order to make real money wagers. Additionally, you can only use the app that is branded with the state in which you’re playing. If you’re in Colorado, download and bet with the SuperBook Colorado app– the same will be true for all states in which SuperBook eventually resides.

You have to be 21 or older to wager with SuperBook, and will need to prove it. This includes an ID verification, and the last four digits of your SSN.

Once you’ve created the account, it’s time to get acquainted with SuperBook and its many features. SuperBook offers action on the following, plus far more:

  • Totals, which enable users to bet on the total points scored.
  • Teasers require you to pick the winner in multiple matches across multiple sports, but you can adjust each line by a few points to minimize risk.
  • Parlays are like teasers without the wiggle room– you must hit all your bets to win.
  • Moneylines are straightforward win/lose bets with payouts based on the odds of success.
  • Spread bets are based on the point spread.
  • Futures are bets on future events. Who will win the championship? Who will be crowned MVP?
  • Prop Bets have no bearing on the game’s outcome, but are tied in to the proceedings. Think the opening coin toss.

Additionally, SuperBook offers a Live Betting feature, enabling users to make on-the-fly bets on their favorite sports as the action unfolds. This feature is made for online sportsbook platforms– at a physical, brick-and-mortar sportsbook, you might get stuck waiting in line before you can place such a bet. Time is of the essence and online sportsbooks are fast.

Prop bets are key with SuperBook, too. A prop bet (or “proposition”) bet is a bet on something that has nothing to do with the outcome of the game. Prop bets are a quirky way to add a bit of extra fun to your sports betting experience. Here are a few examples of possible prop bets:

    • “What color will the Gatorade be that gets dumped on the coach?”
    • “Will Lebron chew on his mouthguard within the first quarter?”
    • “Will the coin flip be heads or tails?”

SuperBook online sportsbook mobile app

The SuperBook mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. iOS users will be able to download and install SuperBook directly from the App Store, whereas Android users will have to download the APK from the SuperBook website using their device and install it that way. For Android users: don’t forget to enable this installation from unknown sources when prompted. It’s safe.

      • Availability: The SuperBook app is available for iOS and Android devices.
      • Speed: For the most part, the SuperBook app has no problems on a variety of stable connections, even while running on data. The app had no issue posting bets, including when our device was running a ton of other programs. Of course, a lot of this has to do with your device itself, so keep your OS up to date for ideal performance.
      • Stability: After using the app for a few sessions there weren’t any crashes to note. If there is an unlikely dropped bet, SuperBook has a very strong refund and cancel policy if their system records that your bet didn’t go through.
      • Appearance: The SuperBook app and its sister desktop site are fine to look at. Compared to other sportsbooks, SuperBook is a bit bland, but also refreshingly clean. Having less clutter on the list of games or the betslip does mean less info on one page, but it seems more forgiving to the eye. We’re all fully capable of tapping between windows and displays, so it’s nice that SuperBook recognizes that you don’t need to try to fit every single data point about a match in to one window.
      • Navigation: SuperBook navigates like many existing sportsbooks: your betslip is on the bottom navbar on mobile or on the side of your desktop’s screen, and pops in when you add a bet or leg. This is becoming industry standard, and it works well.
      • Responsiveness: The app’s navigation is fine, but actually using the app can be tricky when you’re rapidly tapping or switching between windows. Several times, our testers would attempt to swipe between the betslip and the list of matches only to accidentally tap the Menu or back out of the app altogether. The buttons and tabs on mobile could be a bit more responsive. The desktop website works perfectly well.
      • Bet slip building: SuperBook uses a betslip builder that is quickly becoming the standard for online sportsbooks. Your betslip is on the right side of the screen or in a separate bottom tab on mobile. Navigating to this and tapping on a few bets will dynamically update your bet slip with blank wagers, which you can fill in and immediately learn what your take might be. It’s intuitive, it works well, and doesn’t leave any guesswork to the user.
      • Crossover products: SuperBook has historically been tied to the Westgate Casino in Las Vegas, but they are separate entities. Because of this, there’s no direct tie-in for online casino or DFS operations. It could happen, but it would be a departure from their current trajectory. For now, SuperBook seems focused firmly on sports betting.

Web based platform

Bettors can access the SuperBook sportsbook through all web browsers by simply visiting the website.

The full desktop version of the sportsbook is just as functional as the app, and a bit easier on the eyes due to the larger screen options. The desktop version of the SuperBook is well-equipped, offering competitive odds and a pleasing, easy to read interface. Having your betslip on the same screen as the full list of matches is also a plus for some users– it’s a great way to set up your home base for placing sports bets.

We mentioned this earlier, but we’ll do so again. There is no web based betting platform in the state of Nevada, only the app.

Creating a SuperBook sportsbook account

Before you can establish your SuperBook sportsbook account, you’ll need to get the app on your device or navigate to the desktop version of the website. We’ve gone over how to download and install the apps in the above “mobile app” section. Once you’re ready, fill out the personal details to create your account, including:

      • Name, address, mobile number, and date of birth
      • Security questions
      • Your preferred user name and password
      • The last four digits of your SSN for identity verification

Once you’ve entered this info and agreed to the terms, confirmed that you’re 21+ and not on any exclusion lists, and confirmed the accuracy of your information, you’re ready to officially open your account. Click or tap “Create Account”, and you’re on your way.

Pricing and betting options at SuperBook

SuperBook offers relatively competitive odds and a slew of betting options. For the most part, the bet types offered are straightforward, with some room for complexity with parlays, teasers, and round robins. You can bet, for example, on:

      • Point spread
      • First to score a field goal
      • Longest successful completion
      • Odds match will end in a tie

Let’s take a look at SuperBook’s odds by using the example of a recent bout between the Bears and the Tennessee Titans:

TeamDraftKings Moneyline OddsSuperBook Moneyline Odds
Chicago Bears+225 ($225 payout at $100 wager)+240 ($240 payout at $100 wager)
Tennessee Titans-265 ($38 payout at $100 wager)-285 ($35 payout at $100 wager)

Betting on the underdog, you’ll get a slight edge with SuperBook. This trend was noticeable over numerous odds, no matter the sport. Sometimes, the payout on the favorite fared up to ten points better than competitors. Overall though, SuperBook is known for offering fair odds, often making immediate adjustments once news breaks on a specific contest.

In-game and live bets perform as you’d expect: you can place bets in real time as you watch your favorite matches on television or live stream. Not every game will have live betting available, but many do. You can find them by selecting the “Live” tab on your SuperBook app or desktop site. Match props will also be available, for example “both teams to score”, etc.

With SuperBook you’ll find almost everything a bettor could want, from Boxing to Major League Baseball. Sports available on SuperBook include:

Plenty more are available, just check the sidebar or tap “All Sports” in the mobile app for a full list.

Sportsbook Loyalty/Rewards

SuperBook is partnered with various retail casinos in its areas of operation, many of which have their own, internal rewards program like Westgate and its WOW Rewards. However, these perks have yet to encompass online bets. Therefore, at the moment, there are no loyalty or rewards programs available for online sports bettors. However, as SuperBook continues to grow we expect that they’ll eventually develop some sort of online rewards structure.

Deposits and withdrawals at SuperBook sportsbook

We’ve begun to see a crop of sportsbooks using third party services for their banking transactions. This is true for SuperBook, who uses the Play+ service as a pay intermediary as opposed to having their own online banking options.

If you’d like to deposit into your SuperBook account, you’ll need to:

      • Create an account with the Play+ service. You can also receive a Play+ card which works like a Discover debit card.
      • From your Play+ account, you can make deposits using credit or debit cards, online bank transfers, or PayPal.

You can withdraw your funds by essentially reversing the above process, transferring from your SuperBook account to the Play+ card account, then to your preferred account by bank transfer or PayPal. Physical locations where users can make deposits and withdrawals include the following:

      • Cage and in-person banking will come soon to Colorado at the Lodge Casino in Black Hawk.
      • In Nevada, visit the Westgate Resort in Las Vegas for in person banking.

More about SuperBook Sportsbook

Until very recently SuperBook boasted the largest physical sportsbook location in the world. At 30,000 square feet and 400 seats, it is a sight to behold. Circa Sportsbook recently debuted with 1,000 seats and a three story high screen. While an impressive facility, Circa has some way to go before it can match SuperBook’s reputation and standing in the sports betting world.

Another noteworthy item is SuperBook’s annual football handicapping challenge. When football is in season, it’s also SuperContest time, where SuperBook pits teams of contestants against each other in a handicapping challenge that takes applicants nationwide. In 2019, winning team IT AINT BREEZY took home $1.47 million in prize winnings. You can sign up for the mailing list to learn more about when the next round of SuperContest will take place.

Interestingly, you also can choose an LV-based proxy service to place SuperContest bets for you, but you still have to register in person at the Westgate in Las Vegas. Proxy betting is big in Southeast Asia, but it hasn’t taken off in the states. For an example, you could legally register for SuperContest with a friend from Las Vegas, pay the entry fee, and have the friend make your picks for you while you’re in another state. The SuperContest has already confirmed that it will expand to new markets alongside the SuperBook App. Colorado is first on the list.

Customer Support

Customer support with SuperBook leaves a bit to be desired. To start with, there is no clear indication of a place to contact customer support anywhere on the SuperBook website or app. Only when you start reading through the FAQ section is there a mention of a support email. When we backtracked to the SuperBook corporate page, we were able to find a contact form, an informational email, and a phone number, but it was unclear whether or not this phone number had anything to do with customer support.

In short, there needs to be a more straightforward path for SuperBook users to get in touch with a human customer support representative. A Live Chat window would lend some functionality to the Support section of the site– right now, it’s just an email,, and a long series of FAQs. Still, the FAQ section does give insights on payments, geolocation, and many more important topics relating to your SuperBook account.

Review Summary
Bottom Line
It's fresh in the U.S. market, but SuperBook offers an excellent product. The website and app work well, are simple to use, and offer some of the most competitive prices in the business. Access to fun, lucrative competitions like the SuperContest will only help its reputation grow in new states. On the downside, its limited cashier and weak promotional lineup could certainly be improved upon.
Mobile App
Web Platform
Pricing and Betting Options
User Experience
Deposits and Withdrawals
The Good
Competitive pricing
Easy to build complex bets
Intuitive interface
The Bad
Promotions are lacking
Few customer support options
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