Study Reveals the Ultimate US Tennis Event for Fans

Few sports can match the intensity, skill, and electrifying energy of tennis. The crack of a serve, the grace of a volley, the heart-pounding rallies – these elements craft an unforgettable experience. In the US, tennis enthusiasts are spoiled for choice with a calendar filled with tournaments, each possessing its unique appeal.

From the ATP250s to the revered Grand Slam, the US Open, the spectrum of events is vast. But for fans seeking closely fought matches and vibrant atmospheres, the question looms: Which tournament to choose? And for those seeking to bet on these classic events at the best sports betting sites, which one to use their BetMGM bonus code on to maximize their win.

This article analyzes the premier US ATP events, comparing key facets to uncover the ultimate fan experience. Delving into ten remarkable tournaments including the Dallas Open, Miami Open, and the iconic US Open, we evaluate dimensions like Player Participation, Local Representation, Social Media Engagement, Competitiveness, Venue Ratings, and Accommodation Costs – all deemed pivotal from a fan’s perspective.

Overview of the tournaments analyzed

TournamentCity & StateEvent type
Dallas OpenDallas, TexasATP250
Delray Beach OpenDelray Beach, FloridaATP250
BNP Paribas Open (Indian Wells)Indian Wells, CaliforniaATP Masters 1000
Miami OpenMiami, FloridaATP Masters 1000
Men's clay court championshipHouston, TexasATP250
Infosys Hall of Fame OpenNewport, Rhode IslandATP250
Atlanta OpenAtlanta, GeorgiaATP250
Citi OpenRock Creek Park, Washington, D.C.ATP500
Cincinnati MastersCincinnati, OhioATP Masters 1000
Winston-Salem OpenNorth CarolinaATP250
US OpenNew YorkGrand Slam

Best tennis events across the US Average ATP Rankings of participants at time of event

Cincinnati Masters44.1Dallas Open104.4
Indian Wells - BNP Paribas Open72.5Men’s Clay Court Championship104.9
Miami Open75.6Atlanta Open107.3
US Open92Delray Beach Open109.3
Citi Open98.3Infosys Hall of Fame Open129
Winston-Salem Open102.3

In this ranking system, events with lower average ATP rankings are considered more competitive in terms of player quality. Therefore, Indian Wells, Cincinnati Masters, and Miami Open receive a higher score of 5 due to their relatively lower average ATP rankings. Citi Open and the US Open have higher average rankings, but still competitive, hence earning a score of 4.

The Atlanta Open, Dallas Open, Delray Beach Open, Men’s Clay Court Championship and Winston-Salem Open have moderate rankings and receive a score of 3. The Infosys Hall of Fame Open, with the highest average ATP ranking, gets a lower score of 2.

The presences of local players

Dallas Open15/28 - 53.6%Cincinnati Masters12/56  - 21.4%
Atlanta Open13/28 - 46.4%US Open21/128 - 16.4%
Delray Beach Open12/28 - 42.9%Miami Open14/96 - 14.6%
Citi Open, WSH16/48 - 33.3%Indian Wells - BNP Paribas Open13/96 - 13.5%
Men’s Clay Court Championship9/28 - 32.1%Winston-Salem Open5/48 - 10.4%
Infosys Hall of Fame Open9/28 - 31.1%

These scores reflect the extent of American player presence and local representation at each tournament, with 5 being the highest score, representing the highest number of local players participating.

Social Media Buzz

US Open1,450,628Dallas Open3,730
Indian Wells - BNP Paribas Open279,019Citi Open, WSH1,818
Miami Open138,141Delray Beach Open576
Cincinnati Masters36,571Men’s Clay Court Championship496
Atlanta Open8,557Infosys Hall of Fame Open445
Winston-Salem Open8,481

These rankings reflects the social media buzz of each event, based on the number of Instagram posts contating the tournament-specific hashtags. A high score shows a lot of social media buzz, whereas a low score indicates little social media interest. This score does not take into consideration the size of the event.

Competitive edge

US Open (BO5)37.32Winston-Salem Open23.3
Dallas Open25.15Atlanta Open23.22
Infosys Hall of Fame Open25.06Miami Open22.86
Cincinnati Masters24.67Indian Wells - BNP Paribas Open21.46
Citi Open, WSH24.34Men’s Clay Court Championship20.7
Delray Beach Open23.93

In this ranking, events with more games are considered more competitive. A score of 5 indicates that the matches in the specific tournaments are more competitive, compared to the events that gets a low score.

A low score would indicate shorter, and often less competitive, matches. Keep in mind that games at the US Open are best-of-five sets, whereas the rest are best-of-three sets.

Venue ratings

Cincinnati MastersTripAdvisor: 5Citi Open, WSHGoogle: 4.4
Yelp: 4.7Avg. 4.4
Google: 4.7
Avg. rating 4.8
Men’s Clay Court ChampionshipGoogle: 4.7Dallas OpenTripAdvisor: 4.5
Avg. 4.7Yelp: 4
Avg 4.25
Infosys Hall of Fame OpenTripAdvisor: 4.5Delray Beach OpenTripAdvisor: 4.5
Google: 4.6Yelp: 3.5
Avg. 4.55Google: 4.6
Avg 4.22
Winston-Salem OpenGoogle: 4.7Miami OpenTripAdvisor: 4
Avg. 4.47Yelp: 3.3
Google: 4.6
Avg 3.97
Indian Wells - BNP Paribas OpenTripAdvisor: 4.5Atlanta OpenTripAdvisor: 4
Yelp: 4Yelp: 3.5
Google: 4.7Avg. 3.75
Avg. 4.4
US Open Yelp: 4.1
Google: 4.7
Avg. 4.4

In this ranking, events with higher average venue ratings across multiple platforms receive higher scores. Please note that events with missing ratings on some platforms are given an average of the available ratings. A higher average rating translates to a higher score.

Accommodation – hotel prices: Outliers excluded

Dallas Open$122.32 per night $856.26 in totalCincinnati Masters$353.58 per night
$2,475.05 in total
Winston-Salem Open$130.25 per nightDelray Beach Open$369.22 per night
$781.48 in total$3,323.01 in total
Atlanta Open$188.35 per nightMiami Open$398.91 per night
$1,318.44 in total$5,584.73 in total
Men’s Clay Court Championship$203.58 per nightInfosys Hall of Fame Open$441.98 per night
$1,221.47 in total$3,093.87 in total
Citi Open, WSH$233.73 per nightIndian Wells - BNP Paribas Open$633.40 per night
$1,636.09 in total$8,867.61 in total
US Open $244.97 per night
$3,429.54 in total

This ranking reflects events with lower daily accommodation costs receiving higher scores. The accommodation analyzed are all in the vicinity of the venue hosting the event.

The US Open reigns victorious

While every event holds its own unique charm, the verdict is clear. The revered US Open takes center stage as the ultimate tennis extravaganza in the US. The Dallas Open follows as an exciting contender, despite being a much smaller tournament, trailed by the prestigious Cincinnati Masters.

So whether you prefer the sun-kissed courts of Delray Beach or the iconic Arthur Ashe Stadium, there’s plenty of great evens for you to pursue out there, regardless of you being a tennis aficionados or just enjoying a day out.


This dataset comprises information collected from various sources. For the data related to ATP rankings and the nationality of the competing players, we accessed the official site to compile data from previous events. The same resource was utilized to gather information on the competitiveness of the events. Data regarding participants and game duration for the Men’s Clay Court Championship, Miami Open, Indian Wells, Delray Beach Open, and the Dallas Open were sourced from the 2023 editions of these events. For the remaining events, we obtained data from their 2022 editions.

Social media engagement data was collected from To evaluate venue ratings, we referred to,, and During the analysis, we excluded reviews from one or more of these providers if the number of reviews for a specific venue was fewer than ten. For accommodation costs, we consulted the portal. We searched for the dates of the next editions of the events in question. For events where dates had not yet been announced, we estimated the dates based on historical event schedules.

To facilitate scoring and comparison among these events, we scored each event on a scale from one to five based on the metrics outlined in the article. This process enabled us to calculate an average score between one and five for each event, ultimately determining the highest-rated event.