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theScore, a Canada-based sports news and stats company, is taking its expertise into the legal U.S. sports betting market. Now, users in multiple states can access theScore Bet’s clean and functional betting app, with more on the way. theScore Bet offers decent promotions and a very usable app, the limitations of which don’t detract from an overall positive betting experience.

theScore started out and still is primarily a stats and news website for sports fans, and this experience both informs and limits the product. The lack of a desktop offering along with some restrictions to new users just looking to explore the app definitely hold theScore Bet back from being a truly great service.

On the positive side, however, competitive odds and an impeccably clean interface that works well make theScore Bet a delight to use once you’ve jumped through all the necessary hoops. We’ll detail those hoops, in addition to the benefits you can expect from having a betting account with theScore Bet, below.

In which states is theScore Bet online sportsbook available?

theScore Bet is currently available in four states, with plans to grow to new regions already in the works. Legal wagers can be placed right now in the following states:

StateCasino PartnerLaunch Date
New JerseyMonmouth ParkSept. 3, 2019
ColoradoThe Gilpin CasinoSept. 2, 2020
IndianaAmeristar Casino East ChicagoSept. 17, 2020
IowaAmeristar Casino Council BluffsFeb. 16, 2021
IllinoisHarrah's Joliet CasinoTBD

theScore Bet is coming to Ontario

You read that right, theScore Bet is coming home! Following the Canadian government’s passage of Bill C-218 in June 2021, residents of Ontario will now be able to legally place regulated single-game wagers through third party service providers such as theScore Bet. Based out of Toronto, Ontario, the innovative media brand-turned bookmaker was among the first known operators to express interest in setting up shop once Ontario’s expanded iGaming market goes live on April 4, 2022.

On February 3, theScore Bet was officially approved by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to become a licensed iGaming operator in the province after the new online market takes effect. Less than two months later on March 22, theScore Bet announced the arrival of their sportsbook and casino app in Ontario, allowing iOS users to download and pre-register for an account ahead of the April 4 launch date.

Starting on that date, players who are ages 19+ and physically located within Ontario’s boarders will be legally permitted to wager with theScore Bet. And speaking of 19+, the company is also hosting a “Home Opener” launch party in Toronto on April 2, 3, and 4 to commemorate their debut up North, and all fans ages 19+ are invited!

Key differences between state markets for theScore Bet

  • New Jersey bettors will not have access to bets on New Jersey college teams or college events based in NJ. This is due to laws specifically set by the NJ state government to protect amateur athletes.
  • In-person deposits and cash outs are available in New Jersey at Monmouth Park.
  • At the moment, wagering on eSports is not allowed in Indiana.
  • Wagering on college player props is prohibited in Colorado and Iowa. Bettors in New Jersey will have full access to these bets outside of NJ college teams and players. Indiana bettors have pregame access to college player props, just no live betting.

theScore Bet bonus package

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Deposit Bonus

theScore Bet and other online sportsbooks in the U.S. will frequently offer other promotions like ‘free bets’ and ‘bet boosts’. The former, free bets, are just what they sound like: small amounts of betting cash that can be used for single bets. Bet boosts are selected items that have boosted odds, usually lining up with popular events or specific bet types like parlays. Boosts enable the bettor to gain a little bit of an edge, which always helps.

theScore Bet online sportsbook basics

theScore began as a Canadian news and stats site before extending its services to the new U.S. sports betting market in 2019. New Jersey offered theScore Bet first among the 50 states, in partnership with Monmouth Park Racetrack, making theScore the first media brand in the country to start their own sportsbook. After legal gambling regulation was established in more jurisdictions, the service has extended its reach to include states like Colorado and Indiana. Plans are being fleshed-out for expansion to at least 10 additional markets, too.

theScore Bet sets itself apart from other services in a number of ways, primarily because of their history as a sports media company. In many ways this sports betting app is a companion to theScore’s news and stats app, so it’s worth it to have both apps installed on your device in order to get access to the full feature set. Due to theScore’s experience in the mobile sports news and stats world, expect a betting app that focuses heavily on analysis and portability.

As with all U.S.-based sportsbooks, wagering with theScore Bet app requires you to be physically located in one of the available states and to be 21 or older. Indiana, New Jersey, Iowa, and Colorado headline a growing list of available states with more on the way. In order to legally wager with theScore Bet’s app, you must share your location at all times to ensure you’re in an available state.

Usually desktop users will have to download a geolocation plugin that functions much the same as a device’s location services or GPS. Since there is still no desktop version of theScore Bet’s betting platform, users won’t have to worry about downloading any additional plugins.

Bet types available at theScore Bet

Users of this well-featured betting service will have access to all kinds of bets, including round robins and other multi-leg bets. A short list of available bets includes:

  • Total bets on the cumulative score of both teams
  • Moneyline bets on the straight outcome of an event with adjusted odds
  • Spread bets which take into account the point spread
  • Parlay bets which include more than one event, and can rope in up to 12 different items. This is a great way to play with more risk and for a far larger reward.
  • Player prop bets on individual stat lines, such as total points or rebounds
  • Future bets on events/awards that are still a ways off. Keep an eye on the odds!
  • Live betting allows bettors to wager on contests live, as they are unfolding. These include normal bets and props.
  • Boosted bets are promotional bets with improved odds, meant to entice bettors looking to get an edge and maybe a higher payout

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theScore Bet online sportsbook mobile app

A very pretty, very functional app awaits users who download theScore Bet’s betting platform to their iOS or Android device. Many online sportsbooks suffer from trying to make things too intricate or show too much information in one place, often leading to choppy load times, tacky graphics, and a frustrating betting experience. theScore Bet does a good job of offering a modern-feeling mobile sportsbook app without too much flash. There’s always room for improvement, but among other online sports betting apps, theScore Bet’s mobile offering is a welcome addition.

TheScoreBet's App Download Options

  • Availability: theScore Bet’s sportsbook app is available on iOS and Android. No desktop support is available.
  • Speed:The app performs well on a variety of stable internet connections and data. At least 4G is recommended for data users.
  • Stability: theScore’s sportsbook app performs well on most devices, but does suffer from dropped connections if you minimize the app for too long. This will require you to log back in, so users with two-factor authentication and security questions might be a bit frustrated having to enter their data multiple times per session.
  • Appearance: This is a modern online sportsbook with a modern feel. Everything is crisp and legible across numerous screens, and the app does a great job of listing relevant information without too much clutter.
  • Navigation: Like most sports betting apps, your betslip is dynamic and can be dragged in and out of the main screen. Placing bets can be done in a snap, and most users will have no trouble finding Live bets, accessing customer support, and more, right from the app.
  • Responsiveness: theScore’s sportsbook performs well on most mobile devices with up-to-date operating systems. Users may find some trouble when trying to log on from phones older than the Samsung S8 or the iPhone 8.
  • Bet Slip building: Building your bet slip with theScore, as with most new sportsbook apps, is intuitive and relatively easy. theScore Bet does a particularly good job of this, and one-handed betting is exceedingly simple.
  • Casino/DFS crossover: theScore Bet is the mobile sports betting arm of a Canada and U.S.-based media company, so they don’t exactly have ties into any DFS or casino operators. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if theScore Bet expanded its horizons again in the near future.

TheScore Bet Online Sportsbook Mobile App

Web-based platform

theScore, like many online sports betting providers in the country, is going with the tide of mobile betting. Since mobile use accounts for over half of all internet traffic worldwide, and sports betting in particular seems to attract a slightly younger audience, theScore Bet gets away with not having a browser version of the book. Luckily, this isn’t too much of a bother, because theScore’s mobile app does a great job of using the screen’s real estate for an easy, legible experience. Still, the addition of a desktop service would only expand theScore’s reach to potential users, so we hope to see it in the future.

Creating a theScore Bet sportsbook account

If you’re thinking that theScore Bet will be a good fit for your needs and play style, then what are you waiting for? It’s time to sign up and here’s how to do it:

  1. Download theScore Bet app for iOS or Android. iOS users will simply be able to search for the app on the App Store, while a quick Google search for the Android version should bring users to the Google Play Store, where the app can be downloaded free of charge.
  2. Enter your email address, preferred password, and personal details.
  3. Enter the last four of your SSN and check your email for a confirmation code.
  4. Sign in to your account, enter the confirmation code, and begin the verification process using your ID.
  5. Scan your ID and take a picture of your face for biometric verification.
  6. Now, you’re ready to make your first deposit and start wagering using theScore.

If you just want to browse the book and take a look at the available odds, it’s not the easiest to do. You still need to follow through with the above steps, even if you’re just window shopping. Normally, online sports betting providers will allow their prospective users to download the app and take all of the features for a wager-less spin before going through the signup process, but not theScore. This was a huge letdown, as it essentially keeps some of the available features behind closed doors. You can see theScore’s odds using the companion sports media app, but this anomaly of not allowing users to see the full feature set of the betting app before signup is something we hope changes.

Pricing and betting options at theScore Bet sportsbook

theScore Bet has relatively competitive odds compared to other popular sportsbooks in the U.S., but it’s nothing to write home about. Being that theScore Bet is the betting arm of a sports odds and stats site, you’d expect to see a bit more competition in that area, but nope– theScore Bet keeps it pretty safe, only edging out bets on other sportsbooks on occasion, and then maybe by one or two points if you’re lucky. Let’s take an example match to compare:

theScore oddsFanDuel oddsDraftKings odds
Patriots Win payout for $100 moneyline wager$71.43$74.63$74.00
Texans Win payout for $100 moneyline wager$120$114$120

As you can see, theScore Bet seems to favor underdogs with a bit of a higher payout, but nothing too crazy. Across the board, theScore Bet stayed within two points or so of its competitors, rarely wowing our reviewers with those elusive hidden gem payouts. Boosted bets are a good way to add a few extra points to your take, but the base odds are relatively unimpressive without being a rip-off.

When you do decide to bet with theScore, look forward to bets like the following:

  • Bet for the Mets to win the Subway Series in a straight bet
  • Multi-leg parlays for up to 12 teams on Game Day, spread across multiple leagues
  • Bet on Conor McGregor to take an outright win in the next major UFC contest
  • Round-robin a handful of MLB playoff games
  • Wager on soccer futures in domestic and international leagues

A shortlist of available sports with theScore Bet includes:

Generally speaking theScore will offer odds on all major events across the globe.

theScore Bet loyalty/rewards

theScore Bet offers a good selection of welcome promotions and boosts on certain events throughout the year, but there’s no loyalty program to speak of just yet. We’re hoping that as theScore Bet expands to other states they’ll decide to offer some way for bettors to accrue points and spend them towards cashback rewards, exclusives, and more.

Deposits and withdrawals at theScore

Making deposits into any legal online sports betting account is typically a breeze, and theScore Bet is no different. Simply use one of the preferred deposit methods listed below to quickly add funds and start betting. Remember, a deposit is required to net the benefits of most welcome offers, so make sure to deposit with the requirements of said offers in mind. Deposit options will vary by state, often including:

  • Online Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Credit/Debit Card (VISA or MasterCard)
  • Play+ Prepaid card (Note: using this option will give you the ability to make deposits through PayPal, credit/debit)

Withdrawal options with theScore Bet include:

  • Online Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Play+ Prepaid Card (at a physical ATM)
  • Cash at Cage (Only available to players in NJ)

It’s important to make mention of processing times– withdrawals generally take longer than deposits, to process, but are still pretty quick. theScore Bet’s processing times are no shorter or longer than other operators.

More about theScore Bet sportsbook

theScore Bet is a solid, modern platform with useful cross-app support. FUSE is essentially the link between theScore Bet’s betting app and its sports news and streaming app, and while we generally would prefer one app to do everything, having the news and stats companion is a nice touch. Additionally, users with both theScore news and stats app and the betting app will benefit from some exclusive promotions and boosted bets not advertised on the betting app itself. You can even browse stats using the stats app and tap a line to immediately open it in your betting app to place a wager.

theScore Bet offers more than just these benefits for linking up with their news and stats app– you can also gain from being a user of other sports news apps and get extras like free bets and exclusive awards as a result. These partnerships happen throughout the year and are unique in the sports betting world.

Customer Support

We took theScore Bet’s customer support options for a spin, and found them to be on-par with what we’d expect from a regulated online sportsbook. Phone, email, and live chat options are all available, the latter of which is a particularly good indicator that an operator is doing its best to offer a good service. We did use the live chat function and found it to be relatively easy to get small account issues fixed, including the restriction and suspension of accounts. If live chat isn’t your speed, you can contact customer service here:

Of additional note is the FAQ. The FAQ is assembled like many “help desk” style support sections. There are main categories and a search function that links to short, specific articles regarding account concerns, how to bet, etc. It’s a bit disjointed– trying to get the full picture on the deposit and withdrawal process requires one to read three separate help articles. Still, with all of the support options available, it wasn’t hard to get all of our concerns addressed.Claim My theScore Bet Sportsbook Bonus Now!

Final Thoughts on theScore Bet
Bottom Line
theScore Bet offers a clean, usable mobile app with a decent set of features and a good list of available markets. Barriers to testing the app and a functional, but unnecessary pairing with the news and stats app are the only reasons the platform doesn't get higher marks.
Mobile App
Pricing and Betting Options
User Experience
Deposits and Withdrawals
The Good
Great app interface, easy to use
Good selection of markets
Nice, but unnecessary, cross-app support with news and stats
Competitive odds
The Bad
No way to test the app or view odds before signup
High wagering requirements for the deposit bonus
No desktop support
Chris Altman

Chris Altman

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